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Punjab and sind bank AFO question paper

Training to farmers was given by -kvk Pradhanmantri fasal bima yojana premium percentage for kharif season is- two percentage 2% subvention is provided to farmers dairy farmers fisherman's up to the maximum loan quantum of - Rs.3.00 lakhs. Gestation period of swine is- 114 days Act of parturation in in swine is called as -furrowing Chemicals used to suppress the growth of weed called as -herbicides Bunchy top disease is related to -banana Panama wilt effect which crop -banana The insect both stamen mango and boreholes filled with gum in is called as - stem borer state agricultural market are regulated by - agricultural produce marketing committee act Which scheme provide support to agricultural graduates for self employment - agri clinic and Agri business centre Scientific name of garlic is - allium sativum which method of irrigation apply water directly to root zone and having highest efficiency - drip irrigation Iron deficiency causes - young leaves become yellow