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IBPS AFO QUIZ FREE Time left = IBPS AFO FREE QUIZ Soybean is plant Long day Short day Intermediate day length Day neutral Which crop has the maximum yield potential in the world Wheat Chickpea Maize Rice Rice can survive in an aquatic environment It is tolerant to water It can transport O2 from the leaves to the roots It is aquatic plant All The inflorescence of sugarcane is Panicle Spike Cob Arrow When fertility gradient in one direction, the statistical design to be used CRD RBD SPD LSD Split application of fertilizers is useful under Sandy soil Loamy soil Clayey soil All The oil and protein content of groundnut are 45 & 26 % 20 & 50 % 35 & 45 % 52 & 20 The ICAR was esta

Agriculture officer free quiz

Free Agriculture Quiz Spindle shaped spots appear on Rice leaves affected with---------------- View Answer BLAST Symptoms of bacterial blight in seedling stage is known as--------- View Answer KRESEK Supernatant liquid of cow dung slurry is applied in Rice fields to control-------disease View Answer BACTERIAL BLIGHT -------is a fungicide used for dry seed treatment View Answer CARBENDAZIM Spread of sheath blight disease in Rice is through--------- View Answer IRRIGATION WATER ---------is a disease affecting Rice crop in high ranges of Kerala View Answer UDBATTA disease Tall lanky tillers and aerial adventitious roots are produced by------disease in Rice View Answer FOOT ROT Spread of bacterial blight in Rice occurs through--------,-------&--------- View Answer WIND , IRRIGATION WATER & RAIN --------is an antibiotic used for controlling bacterial blight disease in Rice

CAIIB revised syllabus

Objective of the Exam: CAIIB - Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers is a flagship course offered by IIBF. Aim of this exam is to provide advance knowledge for better decision making. This course covering topics like  Treasury Management, Risk Management, Balance Sheet Management, Credit Management, International Banking, Economic Analysis etc. Eligibility: Members who have completed JAIIB or Part I of the Associate exam. Subjects of the examination: CAIIB – Compulsory Subjects 1. Advanced Bank Management (ABM). 2. Bank Financial Management (BFM). 3. Advanced Business & Financial Management (ABFM). 4. Banking Regulations and Business Laws (BRBL). CAIIB – Elective subjects (Candidates to choose any one of their choice) 1. Rural Banking 2. Human Resources Management 3. Information Technology & Digital Banking 4. Risk Management 5. Central Banking Module wise topics for each  Compulsory Subjects  under the revised syllabus: Module:  Advanced Bank Management   A.  Stat


IBPS AFO QUIZ FREE IBPS AFO FREE QUIZ The microbes play an important role in the catalytic complicated chemical reactions of Wine productions Fermentation All of the above Dairy product Which among the following contain only one type of nucleic acid? Virus All Dead virus Bacteria The plant virus was first isolated in crystalline form HIV Cyanophages Bacteriophages TMV The molecular scissors use3d to cut DNA into specific genes of interest are called Restriction endonucleases Polymerases Ligases Exonucleases The quickest way to produce homozygous breeding lines from heterozygous parents is through Half-seed technique doubled haploids Introgression Aneuploidy Bird flu is caused by Avian adenovirus Avian poxvirus Avian leucosis virus Avian influenza virus Stomata are regulated by N P K Ca Guttation is