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  1. The microbes play an important role in the catalytic complicated chemical reactions of
    1. Wine productions
    2. Fermentation
    3. All of the above
    4. Dairy product

  2. Which among the following contain only one type of nucleic acid?
    1. Virus
    2. All
    3. Dead virus
    4. Bacteria

  3. The plant virus was first isolated in crystalline form
    1. HIV
    2. Cyanophages
    3. Bacteriophages
    4. TMV

  4. The molecular scissors use3d to cut DNA into specific genes of interest are called
    1. Restriction endonucleases
    2. Polymerases
    3. Ligases
    4. Exonucleases

  5. The quickest way to produce homozygous breeding lines from heterozygous parents is through
    1. Half-seed technique
    2. doubled haploids
    3. Introgression
    4. Aneuploidy

  6. Bird flu is caused by
    1. Avian adenovirus
    2. Avian poxvirus
    3. Avian leucosis virus
    4. Avian influenza virus

  7. Stomata are regulated by
    1. N
    2. P
    3. K
    4. Ca

  8. Guttation is not favoured under
    1. Low humidity
    2. Low root pressure
    3. High humidity
    4. High humidity and low root pressure

  9. The xylem and phloem elements in the plant are surrounded by a layer of living cells called
    1. Casparian strips
    2. Pericycle
    3. Stele
    4. Endodermis

  10. A plant hormone, which is primary regulator of abscission process is
    1. Ethylene
    2. Auxin
    3. Gibberellins
    4. ABA

  11. In citrus plant, die back diseases is the result of deficiency of
    1. N
    2. Copper
    3. Boron
    4. P

  12. Natural inhibitor of IAA oxidases is
    1. Coumaric acid
    2. Caffeic Acid
    3. ABA
    4. Lactic Acid

  13. Gypsum is used for the reclamation of
    1. Saline soil
    2. Heavy soil
    3. Sodic soil
    4. Acidic soil

  14. silver fish belonging to the order
    1. Protura
    2. Hymenoptera
    3. Thysanura
    4. Pronura

  15. Transpiration is measured by
    1. Lysimeter
    2. Tensionmeter
    3. Auxanometer
    4. Potometer

  16. Yellow revolution is associated with;-
    1. Pulse production
    2. Milk production
    3. Fruit production
    4. Oilseeds production

  17. Conservation tillage tends to encourage
    1. Lower number of earthworms
    2. Reduced soil fauna
    3. Higher microbial population
    4. None of these

  18. Biogeochemical nutrient cycles have led to recognize that
    1. Balanced fertilization
    2. Over fertilization
    3. Under fertilization
    4. None of these

  19. Pyranometer is used to measure;-
    1. Light duration
    2. Evaporation rate
    3. Wind speed
    4. Solar radiation

  20. Ammonia present in the soil can be lost in significant quantities from
    1. Acid soils
    2. Alkaline soils
    3. Both of these
    4. None of these

  21. Groundnut is a
    1. Storage root
    2. Modified storage leaf
    3. Fruit
    4. Modified stem

  22. The ICAR was established in
    1. 1930
    2. 1936
    3. 1935
    4. 1929

  23. The adsali sugarcane is planted in
    1. Feb –March
    2. October
    3. July
    4. None

  24. Soybean is plant
    1. Short day
    2. Long day
    3. Intermediate day length
    4. Day neutral

  25. Chlorophyll contains
    1. Magnesium
    2. Manganese
    3. Iron
    4. Cobalt


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