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Tnpsc AAO free mock test

TNPSC AO Free Mock Test
Tnpsc ao
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Q1 ) What is the minimum Digestible Crude Protein (DCP) and total Digestible Nutrients (TDN) in concentrates for milk production?

Q2 ) Maximum number of cattle that can be housed in a single - row

Q3 ) Cross breed cows sexually mature by_______months of Age.

Q4 ) How much is the contrihution of livestock sector to the total value of output in agriculture?___(%)

Q5 ) The Vitamin helps for blood clotting is

Q6 ) The __________and _________are the primary causes of acid rain.

Q7 ) Photochemical smog pollution does not caused by

Q8 ) Name the term which denotes the transfer of food energy from one trophic level to another

Q9 ) What is the percentage of water on Earth that is available as fresh water?

Q10 ) Flat plate collectors are used upto a temperature of_______°C.

Q11 ) Average conversion efficiency of the most commercial silicon solar cell is_____%.

Q12 ) Identify the renewable source of energy from the following

Q13 ) Chicks are vaccinated on first day for the disease

Q14 ) The Green leaf manure that consist of 4.6% K2O content on an average is

Q15 ) Rapid multiplication of disease free plants in a short period of time is possible by

Q16 ) What is the dosage of sulphuric acid recommended for Acid delinting is cotton?

Q17 ) What is the name of fruit in Castor?

Q18 ) The Ratio of Raw to Dehyorated onion is

Q19 ) Spawn is called as

Q20 ) Kisan call centres were started in the year

Q21 ) All Principles of PRA are framed on the

Q22 ) The central Agmark laboratory is located at

Q23 ) Decrease in input quantity supply even in increasing payment for it (reward) is possible in

Q24 ) On the basis of nature of transactions, a market in which goods are exchanged for money immediately after the sale is called

Q25 ) Coir Board was established during this year

Q26 ) Which of the following is correct with respect to conversion in sugarcane processing done in India?

Q27 ) Bhoodhan movement was started by

Q28 ) Agricultural Informatics and Communication Network (AGRISNET) was established on

Q29 ) The navigation system based on a network of satellites that helps users to record positional information?

Q30 ) ______maps the name people use to locate a website to the IP address

Q31 ) _______provides a single interface that enables users to search many different search engines, indexes and databases simultaneously.

Q32 ) ________is used for creating numenc based documents such as budgets or balance sheets.

Q33 ) The tool in windows operating-system that moves all the files currently available on the disk to contiguous clusters is

Q34 ) USB refers to

Q35 ) Tiny specialized microprocessors installed in smart appliances and automobiles are

Q36 ) Degerming is done in _______milling

Q37 ) The rice obtained after polishing is

Q38 ) The temperature required in vacuum oven is______hot air oven.

Q39 ) Thin layer drying is limited to ______cm of grain depth.

Q40 ) The process of placing the seeds in holes made seed bed and covering them is

Q41 ) The equipments like Perches, Trap nests, Roosts, Feed troughs are in regular use in

Q42 ) The soak pit should be filled with
I. Course aggregates
II. Fine aggregates

Q43 ) Carrier material used in biofertilizers should possess following qualities
(a) Non-polluting
(b) Non-toxic
(c) Bio degradable
(d) High water holding capacity

Q44 ) _________rating in soil is considered as low available Nitrogen status

Q45 ) Which element is added as essential nutrient in the year 1987?

Q46 ) Amendment used to reclaim acid soil

Q47 ) Pigment leghaemoglobin acts as

Q48 ) Coherant mass of soil broken into any shape by artificial means like tillage

Q49 ) The average bulk density of the normal soil is

Q50 ) Vertical section of soil which represents sequence of horizons from surface to bed rock is

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