agri one liner 10

Control of Colarado potato beetle using------in 1867 was the first historically recorded success story in the application of modern plant protection chemicals PARIS GREEN
Cool season crops prefers a temperature range of----------- 14
Cool season vegetables can be grown profitably in -------------- VATTAVADA LOCALITY OF IDUKKI DISTRICT
Corms & Cormels are the planting materials of ------------ Gladiolus
Coryza & Marek’s disease are diseases affecting---------------- Poultry
Cow pea aphids can be controlled biologically using----------- Fusarium pallidoroseum
Cowpea seeds are inoculated with---------for better yield Rhizobium
Crescograph was invented by-----? Jagadish Chandra Bose
Criollo , Forastero & Trinitario are three varietal types of --------------- Cocoa
Crop destructive stages in the life cycle of Beetles are------------- ADULTS & GRUBS
Crop destructive stages in the life cycle of Bugs are------------- ADULTS & NYMPHS
Crop distribution throughout the world is largely influenced by-------- CLIMATE
Cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants is known as------------ Floriculture
Cyperus belongs to --------------- SEDGES
DALAPON controls only------------- GRASSY WEEDS
Dark colour of soil is normally associated with-------- DECOMPOSING ORGANIC MATTER
DDT was originally discovered by-----------in 1874 OTHNAR ZEIDLAR
Delay in maturity & succulency are toxicity symptoms of------------- Nitrogen
Depth of soil sampling for areas having perennial crops? 25 cm
Depth of soil sampling under ordinary farming conditions? 15 cm
Development in different sectors of Agriculture especially fruits & vegetables is referred to as------- Rainbow revolution
Direct or indirect harmful effect by one plant on another through production of chemical is referred to as------------ Allelopathy
Directorate of Rice Research is located at--------------- Hyderabad
Directorate of Sorghum Research is located at--------------- Hyderabad
---------discovered that COPPER sulphate can be used to control ‘smut’ disease in Wheat PREVOST, a French scientist
Diseases affecting Rice such as Blast , sheath blight , brown spot can be effectively controlled by using-------- Fluorescent pseudomonas bacteria
Diseases that occurs at irregular intervals are called------------ SPORADIC DISEASES
----------district stands first in production of coconut in Kerala Kozhokode
Downy mildew disease in Cucurbits is caused by------- Fungus
Dry preserved flower petals with fragrance is called--------- Potpourri
Duration of sunlight is measured by using----------- SUNSHINE RECORDER
Dust formulations are applied using -------- DUSTERS
Earth’s gaseous envelope held by gravity is called------- ATMOSPHERE
Economic part of Clove ? Flower bud
Embryo that are formed without fertilization is called-------- Apomictic embryos
------------ensures quality of cut flowers while transporting to distant places Precooling
Eriophyis guerreronis is commonly known as--------------- COCONUT MITE
---------erosion is a result of human activities ACCELERATED
------erosion occurs in environment naturally but very slowly GEOLOGIC
Essential Commodities Act was formulated in the year---------- 1955
Evapotranspiration is measured by using the instrument--------- PAN EVAPORIMETER
Example of a viviparous plant? Mangrove
Example of an apomictic plant? Mangosteen
Excess Phosphorus causes deficiency of------------ Iron & Zinc
Excessive build up of -----in soil air will retard plant growth CARBON DIOXIDE
Expand ‘AMF’? Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
Expand ‘CAN’? Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
Expand ‘CAPEX’? Kerala Cashew Workers Apex Industrial Co-operative Society , Headquarters-Kollam