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agri one liner 11

Expand ‘CFTRI’? Central Food Technology Research Institute
Expand ‘CGIAR’ ? The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
Expand ‘FAO’? Food and Agriculture Organisation
Expand ‘GIS’? Geographical Information System
Expand ‘INM’? Integrated Nutrient Management
Expand ‘IPM’? Integrated Pest Management
Expand ‘IRDP’ ? Integrated Rural Development Programme
Expand ‘IRMA’? Institute of Rural Management Anand
Expand ‘MGNREGA’? Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
Expand ‘PRA’? Participatory Rural Appraisal
Expand ‘RRII’? Rubber Research Institute of India
Expand ‘RRIM’? Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia
Expand ‘TBGRI’? Tropical Botanical Garden & Research Institute , Palode , Thiruvananthapuram
Expand ‘UPASI’? United Planters Association of South India
Expand ‘USDA’? United States Department of Agriculture
Expand ’IFFCO’? Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited
Expand IARI? Indian Agricultural Research Institute
Expand IRRI? International Rice Research Institute
Expand ISTA? International Seed Testing Association
Expand UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
Factomphos contains-------------------% Sulphur 15
Fan like appearance of coconut leaves occurs in coconut palm affected by--------- LEAF ROT DISEASE
Farmer’s day in Kerala falls on------- Chingam-1
Farmer’s day is observed nationally on------------- Dec-23
Father of ‘Green revolution’? Norman E
Father of Agro-meteorology in India L
Father of Bacteriology? Louis Pasteur
Father of Organic Farming? Sir Albert Howard
Father of tissue culture? GOTTLIEB HABERLANDT
Father of Virology? Martinus Willem Beijerink
Fertilizer recommendation for short duration high yielding varieties of Rice in wetlands is-------- 02-01-1900 22:35
First agricultural university of India was established in------------ 1960
First crop of Rice in Kerala is known as---------- Virippu
First crop season of paddy in Kerala? Virippu
First cultivated crop in the world? Wheat
First Organo-phosphorus insecticide ‘BLADAN’ was discovered by-------in 1937 GERHARD SCHRADER
Flies belong to the order---------------- DIPTERA
Flies have--------pairs of active wings ONE
Floribunda roses are a cross between------&--------- Hybrid tea rose & Polyantha rose
Foliar application can be practiced for----------------- Urea
Food poisoning related deaths due to insecticides was reported in Kerala in Sasthamkotta in 1960 because of-------- Presence of PARATHION in the sugar supplied to the public
Foot and Mouth disease in cattle is caused by----------------- Virus
For estimating soil pH approximately-----gram of processed soil is used 10GRAM
For Rice , ideal pH range is-------- 5 to 8
For soils having a pH above ----lime recommendation is not necessary 6
Fore wings of Beetles are known as------------ ELYTRA
Forest soils are mostly seen in ---areas of Kerala Highland


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