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agri one liner 12

Fortin’s Barometer is used to measure-------------- ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE
Frech Professor Millardet identified the fungicidal properties of Bordeaux mixture in ----- 1882
Freezing point of water water in the Fahrenheit scale is------------ 32◦
Frequent presence of partially decomposed organic residues such as remnants of fossilized trees are salient features of ----soil Kari soil
Fumigation is usually carried out using--------------- ALUMINIUM PHOSPHIDE
Fungal body is composed of--------- MYCELIA
Fungal origin bio-herbicides are called------------- MYCO-HERBICIDES
Fungal Pollu in Pepper can be controlled by--------- Spraying 1% Bordeaux Mixture
Fungi are very active ---pH because of their facultative way of living LOWER
Fungicidal properties of Bordeaux mixture was first identified by------------ MILLARDET
----------fungus controls Rhinoceros GRUB GREEN MUSCARDINE fungus
Gamba Grass is otherwise known as---------------- Sadabahar
Gastropod attacking anthurium is--------- Snail
Gastropod pests generally prefer----------conditions COOL , DAMP
Genetic purity of Breeder seed is------% 100%
Gibberellins were discovered by----------- Korosova of Japan
Ginger is propagated through------------- Rhizomes
Give names of any two early duration varieties of rice? Annapoorna, Kairali
Give names of any two late duration varieties of Rice? Reshmi, Neeraja
Give names of any two medium duration varieties of Rice? Jaya, Aiswarya
Give the names of any two edible mushrooms? Paddy straw & Button mushroom
Gramalakshmi ,Gramapriya , Athulya are breeds of---------------------- Poultry
Granite and Basalt are -------type of rocks IGNEOUS
Granulated soils have ------bulk density values LOW
Green revolution is associated with unprecedented increase in production of---------&------------ RICE & WHEAT
-----------group of insecticides are highly persistent and not easily bio-degradable ORGANOCHLORINE
Groups of shrubs of different colours & sizes are known as------- Shrubbery
Gundumalli , Ramabanam & Madanabanam are important varieties of-------- Jasmine
Haritha & Marathakam are varieties of---------------------- Guinea Grass
--------------has been identified as the best species of earthworm for vermicomposting for Kerala Eudrillus eugineae
-----------has knock down action PYRETHRUM
Hawaiian ,Salvador , Peru , Cunningham are types of-------------------- Subabul
Head Office of NABARD is located at---------------------- Mumbai
Headquarters of the ‘Cardamom Board’ is located at------------ Kottayam
Headquarters of WMO World Meteorological Organisation is located at--------
-------------helps in Chlorophyll synthesis Sulphur
Hibiscus is otherwise known as--------------- Chinese Rose
High temperature favours the production of ------because of the greater microbial activity CARBON DIOXIDE
Highest egg producing state of India? Andhra Pradesh
Highest protein containing crop? Soybean
Highest rainfall in India is observed at--------- MOUSINRAM
Highest Rice producing district of Kerala? PALAKKAD
Hind wings of Beetles are-----------in nature MEMBRANEOUS
Horizontal movement of air is called------- WIND
How much nursery area is required to raise seedlings for 1 hectare? 1000 square metre
Humid regions normally receives a rainfall of------------- MORE THAN 1000 mm
Hygrometer is used to measure ------------- ATMOSPHERIC HUMIDITY
IBD in poultry is caused by------------------ Virus
Identical plants developed from a single mother plant vegetatively are known as-------- Clones


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