agri one liner 13

IISR-Varada , IISR-Rejatha & IISR-Mahima are varieties of-------------- Dry Ginger
Imperial Agricultural Research Institute was started in the year-------- 1903
In a soil profile , ‘A’ & ‘B’ horizons together is known as-------- SOLUM
In a soil profile , A2 horizon is referred to as-------- ELUVIAL ZONE OR ZONE OF LEACHING
In a soil profile , A3,B1&B3 horizons are known as------- TRANSITIONAL LAYERS
In a soil profile , B2 horizon is otherwise known as-------- ILLUVIAL ZONE OR ZONE OF DEPOSITION
In a soil profile litter represents ------horizon A00 OR O1
In a soil when the exchangeable Calcium and Magnesium are lost by leaching , the acidity of the soil gradually--- INCREASES
In a typical soil , the percentage by volume of soil air is--------- 25%
In acid soils ,application of--------reduces acidity Lime
In case of Bugs , fore wings are modified into---------- HEMELYTRA
In case of Bugs , hind wings are of -----------type MEMBRANEOUS
In case of Flies , hind wings are reduced to a club like structure called------------ HALTERES
In case of Lepidopteran pests , control operations should target------------stage LARVAL
In evapotranspiration , loss of water occurs from-------&--------- SOIL & PLANT SURFACES
In Honeybee colonies , fertile males are known as------------ Drones
In normal soils bacteria and actinomycetes thrives better in ----pH value INTERMEDIATE & HIGHER
In pesticidal formulations , ‘DP’ means-------- DUSTABLE POWDER
In plant pathology ‘MLO’ means---------- MYCOPLASMA LIKE ORGANISM
In Plant protection , ‘Bt’ means------------ Bacillus thuringiensis
In Plant Protection , ‘GV’ means---------- GRANULOSIS VIRUS
In plant tissue culture ,’HEPA’ means--------- High Efficiency Particulate Air
In Rag doll method of testing seed germination , flannel clothes used is of size----- 35cm×27
In Rice , Bacterial leaf blight is caused by----------- Xanthomonas bacteria
In Root wilt affected areas hybrid variety of Coconut------------is recommended for cultivation Chandrasankara
In seed technology , ‘PBR’ means---------- PLANT BREEDERS RIGHT
In seed technology , ‘PLS’ means--------- Pure Live Seed
In seed technology , ‘TLS’ means-------- TRUTHFULLY LABELLED SEEDS
In soil sampling , soils up to a depth of ------inches is collected from surface soil 9 INCHES
In soil solarization , polythene sheets of -------thickness is used 100-150 gauge
In soil testing ,--------------is a measure of available Nitrogen Organic Carbon
In soil testing laboratories , ------method is used for the estimation of Potassium FLAME PHOTOMETRIC
In soil testing laboratories Gypsum requirements is found out by using----method SCHOONORVAR’S
In soil testing organic carbon is estimated by using-----method CALORIMETRIC
In soil testing soil nitrogen is estimated from the calculation of ------ ORGANIC CARBON
In soil the ----------content is generally higher during summer and lower during winter CARBON DIOXIDE
In the rice plant ,leaves are arranged in-----------manner Alternate
In the term ‘LD50’ , LD stands for? LETHAL DOSE
Inability of a plant to resist the effect of pathogen? SUSCEPTIBILITY
Inability of freshly harvested seeds to germinate for a period of time is known as------ DORMANCY
India’s first Agricultural university was started in------at------- 1964 , Pantnagar
India’s global position in agricultural production? 2nd
India’s global position in the production of natural Rubber 4th
Indian Institute of Pulses Research is located at--------------- Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh
Indian Institute of Spices Research is located at------------------ Kozhikode
Indian Institute of Vegetable Research is located in--------- VARANASI, UTTAR PRADESH
In-------layering the rooting medium is taken to the branches Air layering
Inorganic acids such as Sulphuric acid & Nitric acid are potent suppliers of ----ions in the soil HYDROGEN
Insect pests belong to the phylum ARTHROPODA