agri one liner 14

Insecticidal properties of DDT was discovered by--------- Dr
Insecticide Act was introduced in------------ 1968
Insecticide rules were came into force in------------ 1971
Insects have--------pair of wings ONE OR TWO
Intensity of sunlight is measured by means of---------- LUXMETER
International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics ICRISAT is located at------------
International Seed Testing Association ISTA was established in--------
--------------introduced cashew to INDIA Portuguese
In-------type of garden contains symmetry& geometry Formal
Inverted ‘T’ budding is observed in--------- Rose
Invitro culture of plant cells , tissues & organs under aseptic condition is known as-------- Plant tissue culture
Irregular shape is the nature of---------type of garden Informal
IRRI International Rice Research Institute is located at--------------
-------------is a an effective Mechanical trap to control Norway rats damaging PADDY crop Moncompu Pot trap
-----------is a associative Nitrogen fixing bacteria Azospirillum
-------------is a bacterial WILT resistant F1 hybrid variety of BRINJAL NEELIMA
-------------is a Banana variety recommended for high range region Boldles Altafort
------is a bio-control agent against adult Rhinoceros BEETLES BACULOVIRUS
------is a bio-control agent against the GRUBS of Rhinoceros BEETLES Metarrhizium anisopliae
------is a bio-control agent used against Eupatorium MEXICAN gall FLY
------is a cassava mosaic tolerant variety of Tapioca H-97
---------------is a chronic poison WARFARIN
------is a commonly used acaricide Sulphur
-----------is a commonly used Rodenticide ALUMINIUM PHOSPHIDE
------is a cross between hybrid TEA rose & Floribunda rose Grandiflora rose
-------------is a cross pollinated crop OIL palm
-------is a day neutral plant tomato
---------is a disease affecting Rice crop in high ranges of Kerala UDBATTA disease
----------is a disease caused by Phytoplasma in coconut ROOT WILT
---------is a disease caused by Phytoplasma in Rice Rice YELLOW DWARF
------------is a disease that have constant presence in a locality ENDEMIC diseases
----------is a dual purpose variety of Cowpea Kanakamony
-----------is a F1 hybrid of BRINJAL NEELIMA
-------is a farmer friendly method of testing seed germination RAG DOLL method
-------------is a foliage tree Polyalthia longifolia
-------------is a food preservative Citric ACID
--------is a fumigant in liquid form METHYL BROMIDE
------------is a fungal parasite of MITES Hirsutella thompsonii
-------is a fungicide used for dry seed treatment CARBENDAZIM
--------is a fungus that causes many important plant diseases in Kerala Phytophthora
----------is a gall forming bacteria Agrobacterium sp
----------is a garden tool used for pruning and topiary Shear
--------------is a garden tool used for pruning in rose Secateur
--------------is a gelling agent in culture medium Agar
---------------is a Genetically Modified GM variety of Rice
---------is a hemoprotein found in the ROOT nodules of leguminous plants Leghaemoglobin
-------------is a high yielding clone of RUBBER RRII 105
----------is a juvenile hormone insecticide ALTOSID
---------is a larval parasite of Rice stem borer Xanthopimpla sp
--------is a leaf spot resistant variety of Amaranth CO-1