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agri one liner 15

-------is a transgenic variety of tomato FLAVR SAVR
-----------is a tree belonging to spices&Condiments Tamarind
--------------------is a tropical orchid spice Vanilla
--------------is a variety of Maize Ganga hybrid-1
----------------is a variety of NUTMEG IISR-Viswashree
----------is a variety of PEPPER Panniyur-1,2,3,4,5,6&7
------------is a varirty of Tapioca with 5-6 months duration Vellayani Hraswa
------is a virus disease of Okra YELLOW vein mosaic
----------------is a water-borne disease bacterial leaf blight & SHEATH blight of PADDY
--------------is an acute poison ZINC PHOSPHIDE
------------is an Amide fertilizer Urea
-----------is an annual weed plant Leucas, Echinochloa
--------is an anti juvenile hormone insecticide PRECOSINE
--------------is an anticoagulant Rodenticide WARFARIN
------------is an artificially pollinated spice crop Vanilla
-----------is an Auxin used as a herbicide 2,4-D
--------is an easy and effective test for diagnosing bacterial leaf blight disease in Rice OOZE test
-------------is an effective method for controlling pests of stored food grains in go downs FUMIGATION
--------is an egg parasite that can effectively control Rice stem borer & leaf folder Trichogramma sp
---------is an engineering Mechanical method of soil and water conservation
----------is an entomopathogenic fungus Metarrhizium anisopliae
-----is an entomopathogenic fungus used against Black pea aphid of Cow pea Fusarium pallidoroseum
-----------is an erosion resisting crop Vetiver
----------is an example for an antifungal antibiotic AUREOFUNGINSOL
---------is an excellent soil conserving crop Vetiver
-------is an extra short duration variety of Rice Hraswa
-----------is an extreme form of minimum tillage Zero tillage
--------is an important pest of Mango Mango Hopper
--------------is an indirect method of assessment of pests REMOTE SENSING
------------is an indoor garden in a glass box TERRARIUM
-----------is an insecticide that was banned from use recently owing to public health hazards ENDOSULFAN
---------is an instrument used to measure height , movement and velocity of clouds NEPHALOSCOPE
------------is an orchid plant made through Meristem culture Mericlone
-----------is an organic insecticide of animal origin NEREIS TOXIN
----------is an organism that eats more than one other organism during its life PREDATOR
-------------is an ornamental bulbous plant Tuberose
-------------is an ornamental shrub Duranta
---------is any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land, including living elements such as flora or fauna Landscaping
-----------is applied to induce flowering in Pineapple Ethephon
-------------is commonly intercropped with Tapioca Groundnut
-------------is considered as the father of tillage Jethro Tull
-------is defined as the mass of a unit volume of dry soil which include soil particles and soil pores BULK DENSITY
------is disease caused by Phytoplasma in coconut ROOT WILT
-------------is effective for the management of SHEATH blight & bacterial leaf blight of PADDY pseudomonas
---------is effective in the bio-control of Rhinoceros BEETLE BACULOVIRUS
----------is India’s first agricultural University Uttar Pradesh Agricultural University later known as Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology
-------------is known as ‘Black Gold’ Petroleum
----------is known as ‘THE Island of cloves’? Zanzibar
-----------is known as ‘THE spice garden ‘ of Kerala Idukki
---------------is known as ‘WONDER NUT’ cashew nut


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