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agri one liner 16

------------is known as Button mushroom Agaricus
---------is known as the ‘king of forest trees’ TEAK
--------------is known as the ‘MUSHROOM CITY of INDIA’ SOLAN , Himachal Pradesh
-------------is known as the ‘plant stress hormone’ causing inhibition to plant growth Abscisic acid-ABA
----------------is known as the ‘QUEEN of FRUITS’ Pineapple
--------------is known as the ‘QUEEN of SPICES’ Cardamom
-------------is known as the Cat's-tail Orchid Aerides
----------is known as the flowering hormone Florigen
----is known as the fundamental process of soil formation WEATHERING
----------is known as underground orchid Rhizanthella
------------is regarded as the queen of flowers rose
--------------is renowned as ‘THE KING of SPICES’ PEPPER
-----------is solid crystal fumigant NAPHTHALENE
---------is the amount of food required by an animal during a 24 hour period A RATION
-------is the atmospheric layer above TROPOSPHERE STRATOSPHERE
-------------is the basis of plant tissue culture Totipotency
---------------is the best rootstock for inarching SAPOTA Khirni
-------is the capability of seeds to show living properties VIABILITY
---------------is the centre of origin of Black PEPPER India-Kerala
--------is the climate observed in the layer next to ground MICRO climate
--------is the country having maximum kind of vegetables INDIA
-------------is the crop destructive larval stage of FLIES MAGGOTS
--------------is the cultivation of forest trees SILVICULTURE
--------------is the embryonic ROOT of a plant Radicle
-------------is the first herbicide manufactured and used WEEDS 2,4-D
-----------is the fundamental unit of crop production seed
--------is the fungal pathogen causing Anthracnose Colletotrichum sp
--------is the fungal pathogen causing Blast in Rice Pyricularia sp
--------is the fungal pathogen causing Brown spot disease in Rice Helminthosporium sp
--------is the fungal pathogen causing damping off Pythium sp
--------is the fungal pathogen causing Downy mildew Peronospora sp
--------is the fungal pathogen causing Powdery mildew Erysiphe sp
--------is the fungal pathogen causing rust disease Puccinia sp
--------is the fungal pathogen causing WHITE rust Albugo sp
---is the highest peak in Kerala with an elevation of ---m Anamudi
---------is the ideal range of temperature suitable for most agricultural crops 10 to 40◦C
-----is the imaginary line joining the poles of earth LONGITUDE
-------is the instrument used to measure direct radiation from sun PYRHELIOMETER
------is the instrument used to measure evapo-transpiration from the crop LYSIMETER
--------is the instrument used to measure moisture percentage of seeds moisture METER
--------------is the instrument which is used to indicate the direction of wind the wind VANE
------is the international standard unit of pressure Pascal
-----------is the Japanese art of flower arrangement IKEBANA
----------is the largest INDIAN species of Honeybee rock Bee
---------------is the largest order of insects COLEOPTERA
------------is the leading producer of coconut in INDIA Kerala
------------is the leading producer of Millets in the world INDIA
------------is the leading producer of Wheat in the world China
-----is the major pest of Cardamom Cardamom Thrips
----------is the man behind MGNREGA Dr


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