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agri one liner 18

Liming materials suitable for correction of acidity includes Limestone,Quicklime,hydrated lime
Line joining places having same rainfall ISOHYET
Line joining places having same wind speed ISOTACHS
Macro-Watersheds has an area of------------- 50,000 HECTARE OR MORE
Madhuri , Madhurima , Thirumadhuram , Madhumathi are varieties of------------- Sugarcane
Maggot is the larval stage of -------- FLIES
Mahali disease of Arecanut is caused by------ Fungus
Mahali disease of Arecanut is caused by---------- Phytophthora palmivora
Main crop of Kari soil localities? Paddy
Major share of annual rainfall in India occurs during------ SOUTH-WEST MONSOON
Majority of plant diseases in Kerala is caused by---------- FUNGUS
Malabar , Mysore & Vazhukka are cultivars of------------------ Cardamom
Man started Agriculture in the year------- 7500BC
Mango-Ginger is ----------------crop Spice
Marble is formed from----- LIMESTONE
Mastitis in cattle is caused by----------------- Bacteria
Maximum permissible Percentage of acidity in Squash & Syrup 3
Maximum quantity of pesticide residue permitted in a foodstuff in called-------- MRL-Maximum Residual Limit
Method applied to prevent disease occurrence are called------------- PROPHYLACTIC METHOD
Method of cultivating plants using nutrient solution without soil is known as--------- Hydroponics
Methods using Parasites & Predators are examples of -----------method of insect pest control BIOLOGICAL
Micro-organisms that can cause disease in insects are known as------- ENTOMOPATHOGENS
Micropropagation is based on the principle--------- Totipotency
Micropropagation through tissue culture is popular in----------- Anthurium
Micro-Watersheds has an area of-------------------- 100 to 1000 HECTARE
Minimum genetic purity required for Foundation seeds is -------- 99%
Minimum germination percentage required for certified seeds of Rice is-------- 80%
Minimum TSS % required in Squash? 40%
Mini-Watersheds has an area of---------------------- UPTO 100 HECTARE
Mites belong to the phylum--------& class-------- ARTHROPODA & ARACHNIDA
Mites belong to the phylum---------& class----------- ARTHROPODA & ARACHNIDA
Mites prefer---------------------------type of weather WARM , DRY WEATHER
Moringa oleifera is-------------- Drumstick
Most abundant & successful group of animals on earth? Insects
Most attractive Orchids belong to the group of------- Epiphytes
Most common form of water erosion? Splash erosion
Most expensive spice in the world? Saffron
Most of the commercial crops were introduced to India by------- Portuguese
Most serious pest of cucurbits in Kerala? FRUIT FLY
Moths & Butterflies belong to the order---------------- LEPIDOPTERA
Mound layering is also known as--------------- Stool layering
Mridhula & Agni are varieties of------------------ Chethi-koduveli
Mulberry cultivation is known as------------ Moriculture
Murraya koenigii is--------- Curry Leaf
Mushroom is a large fleshy --------- Fungus
Mushrooms are fleshy fruiting bodies of------------ Fungi
NABARD was established on----------------- 1982 July12


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