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agri one liner 19

Name the metallic chemical element useful in weather forecasting? MERCURY- in thermometers
Name the tree whose wood is used to make cricket bats ? Willow
Nandi , Narok & Kazungula are varieties of-------------------- Setaria Grass
Napier Grass is otherwise known as--------------- Elephant Grass
National Biodiversity Authority is located at---------------- Chennai
National Botanical Research Institute is located at--------------- Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh
National Centre for Mushroom Research and Training is located at--------------- Solan , Himachal Pradesh
National flower of India? LOTUS
National Flower of India? Lotus
National flower of USA? Rose
National fruit of India? MANGO
National Seed Corporation NSC came into existence in-------------------------
National Seeds Corporation NSC functions as producer of--------class of seeds
National tree of India? BANYAN TREE
National tree of India? Banyan tree- Ficus benghalensis
Naturally occurring Auxin is---------------------- IAA
Navasree , Nithyasree & Sugandhi are varieties of----------------- Cinnamon
NBPGR National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources is located in -------
Neelum , Kalapady , Benishan , Mulgoa & Suvarnarekha are varieties of---------- Mango
Neem contains------------- which gives it insecticidal properties AZADIRACHTIN
Neem oil is ---------- AN ANTIFEEDANT
Nematodes belong to the phylum-----------& class----------- NEMATA & NEMATODA
Neutralizing power of burnt lime is? 182
Neutralizing value of Quick lime is----------- 179
Nitrogen containing organic compounds on anaerobic decomposition yield -----&------ AMINES&AMMONIA
Normal date of commencement of South-West monsoon in India is----- JUNE 1st
North-East monsoon rainfall in Kerala is popularly called-------- THULAVARSHAM
NPV effectively controls------------- LEPIDOPTERAN PESTS
NRSA is located at------- HYDERABAD
Number of Krishi Bhavans in Kerala? 1046
Number one vegetable crop at global level? POTATO
Nutrient that enhances disease resistance of plants? Potassium
Nymphs are the larval stages of insects undergoing ---------------- INCOMPLETE METAMORPHOSIS
-------of a soil colloid is the capacity to adsorb or release nutrients CEC
Official flower of Kerala? Kanikonna-Cassia fistula
Official tree of Kerala? Coconut
Onattukara alluvium is essentially-------- MARINE DEPOSITS
Onattukara alluvium is seen in -----,------&--------taluks of Alappuzha & Kollam districts KARTHIKAPALLY,MAVELIKKARA & KARUNAGAPALLY
One fifth of the total animal species belong to ----------------- COLEOPTERA
One fourth of total insect species belong to--------------- COLEOPTERA
Operation flood resulted in---------------- White revolution
Optimum temperature range for most common vegetables is-------- 24◦C to 35◦C
------------orchid are known as ‘Dancing girl’ Oncidium
Organic colloid of the soil is known as------- HUMUS
Organic matter decomposition results in ---acid production CARBONIC
Organo-phosphorus insecticides have--------activity BROAD-SPECTRUM
Oxidation status of -----&------particularly influences soil colour IRON & ALUMINIUM
Ozone depletion is caused by ------------ GREEN HOUSE EFFECT


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