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agri one liner 20

Palmarosa is otherwise known as------------ Rosha grass
Patch budding & Flap budding are practiced in------------- Rubber
Pepper Research Station of Kerala is located at------------ Panniyoor , Kannoor
Percentage mineral matter content of a typical soil on volume basis is------- 45%
Percentage of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere------- 0
Percentage of Hydrogen in the atmosphere------- 0
Percentage of Nitrogen in the atmosphere------- 78
Percentage of Oxygen in the atmosphere------- 20
Perlite & Vermiculite are used as---------------------------- Nursery Growing Media
Pests generally causes approximately-----------% of crop loss 30-50%
pH measurements of soil in the laboratory is done with---and in the field with--- ELECTROMETRIC METHOD , INDICATOR METHOD
pH of Black cotton soils ranges between 6
pH value of pure water? 7-Neutral
--------pheromone is used against Red palm weevil of coconut FERROLURE
--------pheromone is used against Rhinoceros BEETLE of coconut SB pheromone
Phosphorus availability is maximum at a pH range of --- 6 & 7
Photo-insensitive plants are otherwise known as------------- DAY NEUTRAL PLANTS
Phyllody is caused by----------- Phytoplasma
Physical and chemical disintegration and decomposition of rocks is known as-------- WEATHERING
Physical purity×Germination percentage/100? PLS-Pure Live Seed
Pinjore gardens is located in-------------- HARYANA
Place where Rice is cultivated below Mean Sea Level ? Kuttanad
Plant hormones that regulate plant growth, particularly by stimulating cell elongation? Auxin
Plant parasitic bugs belong to the order-------------- HEMIPTERA
Plant part used for micro-propagation? Explant
Plant tissue culture techniques are performed in-------------cabinet Laminar Air Flow Chamber
Planting materials of sugarcane is known as-------------- Setts
------------plants are suited for Patch budding thick barked
-----------plants Do not have either seeds or flowers Fern
Plants produced from the callus of a single explants? Caliclone
-------------plants show uniform characters Vegetative propagated
Plants that have been genetically produced using recombinant DNA techniques is called--------- Transgenic plants
Plants which can grow under shaded conditions are called------ SCIOPHYTES
Plants which thrives in water rich conditions--------- HYDROPHYTES
Plasticity is a property exhibited by--------- HEAVY SOIL
Pleurotus is--------------------------- Oyster mushroom
Pokkali & Kaipad areas have prominence of----type of soil Acid-saline
Polyantha , Grandiflora & Floribunda are types of------------- Rose
Poorman’s Orange is---------------------- Tomato
Portion of a plant into which a bud or a portion of a branch is set is known as----- Root stock
Position of India on vegetable production in the world 2nd
Potato can be successfully cultivated in the------------of Kerala High ranges
Powdery mildew of Rubber is caused by---------------------- Fungus
Presence of holes on Coconut stem & oozing out of viscous brown fluid are symptoms of-----attack RED PALM WEEVIL
Presence of sufficient Oxygen in soils is generally indicated by -----colour of soil GREY
Priya ,Preethi , Priyanka & Arka Harith are high yielding varieties of--------- Bitter Gourd
Production of virus free plant is an advantage of--------- Seed propagation
Progeny orchards are a part of--------------- Agricultural Nursery
-----------promotes ROOT formation in Layering IBA


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