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agri one liner 21

------------------promotes ROOT growth in plants PHOSPHORUS
Psychrometer is used to measure------- RELATIVE HUMIDITY
Pupal stage of butterflies is termed--------- CHRYSALIS
Pusa Summer Prolific & Arka Bahar are varieties of-------------- Bottle Gourd
Quantity of lime required to neutralize the acidity of a soil depends on both-----&----- ACTIVE & RESERVE ACIDITY
Quinine is obtained from the bark of-------------- Cinchona tree
Rachel Carson’s famous book ‘Silent spring’ was published in------------ 1962
Rainfall measurement is done with-------- RAIN GAUGE
Rainfall observations are made at--------in Agro-meteorological observatories 8
Rainfall periods in India is commonly referred to as---------- MONSOONS
Rainy day is a day with----------rainfall 2
Ranikhet disease in poultry is caused by-------------- Virus
Ratoon cropping is widely practiced in------------------ Sugarcane
Recommended spacing of Snakegourd in Kerala? 2×2m
Red bore is a pest of-------------- Cocoa
Red pumpkin beetle & Epilachna beetle are pests of------- Cucurbits
Red soils are seen in ---,---,&---localities of Thiruvananthapuram district Nemom,Neyyatinkara & Parassala
Red spider mites and scale insects are important pests of----- Tapioca
Reduvid bug is a predator of-------- RHINOCEROS BEETLE
Registered seed is produced from------- FOUNDATION SEED
Reproductive structures of fungus? SPORES
Response of plants to the relative lengths of day and night is called------ PHOTOPERIODISM
Rice Blast is caused by-------- Pyricularia- fungus
Ridge Gourd is a-------------------- Minor Vegetable
Rinderpest disease in cattle is caused by----------------- Virus
Rodents belong to the phylum------& class------------- CHORDATA & MAMMALIA
Root pruning is a part of-------------- Bonsai
Rose is propagated by----------------- Hardwood stem cuttings
-------------roses are used as hedges Floribunda
RRII 105 , PB 260 are clones of-------------- Natural Rubber
Sakthi , Mukthi & Anagha are varieties of------------ Tomato
Salts of strong bases and weak acids are used for correcting--- Acidity
Sand content of coastal alluvium is greater than ----& clay content is than---- 80%,15%
Sandy soil usually has -----level of bulk density LOW
Sandy soils contain at least -------% of sand separates 70%
Scarification is a method to promote----------------------------- Germination
Second crop of Rice in Kerala is known as---------- Mundakan
Seed of mushroom is called---------- Spawn
Semi-Arid regions normally receives a rainfall range of------------- 500-750 mm
Sesamum is grown as a --------crop in third crop season of Onattukara Catch crop
Sexual propagation is the propagation through-------------- Seeds
Shalimar gardens is located in------------------ SRINAGAR , JAMMU & KASHMIR
Sheath blight in Rice is caused by-------- Rhizoctonia- fungus
Sheath rot disease in Rice is caused by----------- Fungus
Short range weather forecasting is applicable for------- 1-2 DAYS
Silkworm rearing is known as------------------ Sericulture
Single super phosphate contains-----------% Phosphorus 18
Slugs & Snails belong to the phylum--------& class-------- MOLLUSCA & GASTROPODA
Small , unsegmented , soil inhabiting , plant parasitic worms are commonly referred to as--------- NEMATODES


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