agri one liner 22

Sneha , Snigtha , Spanish Improved are varieties of---------------- Groundnut
Soft wood grafting is practiced in-------------------- Cashew
Soil auger is a tool used for ----------------- Soil sampling
--------soil covers major portion of Kuttanad KARAPPADAM soils
Soil structure & soil texture are two important -------properties of soil PHYSICAL PROPERTIES
Soil type seen along the banks of rivers and their tributaries RIVERINE ALLUVIUM
-------soils are developed from dead remains of plants and hence contain large quantity of undecomposed organic matter KARI soil
-------soils are rich in CALCIUM due to the presence of lime shells KAYAL soils
---------soils contains equal proportions of ------,-------&--------- SAND,SILT & CLAY
Soils dominated by --------is known as light soil SAND SEPARATES
Soils of Kerala are mainly------ ACIDIC
Soils of Kerala generally have ------CEC LOW
Soils of Kerala generally have -------Water Holding Capacity LOW
Soils which are loose and porous will have-----bulk densities LOW
Solarization is practiced in potting mixture preparation for -----------nurseries Pepper
Soniya 17 & Emma White are famous varieties of--------------- Orchids
South-West monsoon contributes-------% of total annual rainfall of Kerala 60%
Soybean contains------------------% protein 35-40%
Spacing recommended for Nendran variety of Banana 2m×2m
Spencer Hatch is associated with------------- Marthandam project
Sphagnum moss is used as a-------------in Nursery Growing media
Spice crop containing highest % of fat? NUTMEG
Spices Board Head Quarters is located at-------------------- Cochin
Spindle leaf turns brown and breaks off in coconut due to--------- BUD ROT
Spindle shaped spots appear on Rice leaves affected with---------------- BLAST
Spread of bacterial blight in Rice occurs through--------,-------&--------- WIND , IRRIGATION WATER & RAIN
Spread of sheath blight disease in Rice is through--------- IRRIGATION WATER
Sprinkler irrigation is also known as------------- Overhead irrigation
Sree Latha & Sree Kala are Varieties of----------------- Lesser yam
Sree Prakash & Sree Sahya are varieties of----------------- Tapioca
Sree Roopa & Sree Keerthi are Varieties of--------------------- Greater yam
------------stage is the crop destructive stage of Lepidopteran pests CATERPILLAR
Standard pit size for vermicomposting is-------------- 2
State Seed Testing laboratory of Kerala is located in----------- ALAPPUZHA
-------structure &--------texture are ideal for plant growth CRUMB & LOAMY
Studies on weather in relation to crop growth comes under-------- Agricultural Meteorology
Study of algae is known as-------------- PHYCOLOGY
Study of flowers is known as-------------- ANTHOLOGY
Sub- Humid regions normally receives a rainfall range of------------- 750-1000 mm
Sub- Watersheds has an area of-------------------- 10,000 to 50,000 HECTARE
Subsoiling is a type of------------------- Primary tillage
Sufficient supply of -------is essential for the biological processes occur in soil OXYGEN
Sugar Baby & Arka Jyothi are varieties of------------------- Water Melon
Sugarcane Breeding Station was established in 1912 at -------- Coimbatore
Suguna & Supriya are varieties of---------------- Hybrid Napier Grass
Sun will be on the equator on------- MARCH 21st
Sunhemp is a---------crop Green manure
Supernatant liquid of cow dung slurry is applied in Rice fields to control-------disease BACTERIAL BLIGHT
Surface temperature of sun is--------- 6000◦Kelvin
Symbiotic association between a fungus and roots of plants is called------- MYCORRHIZA