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agri one liner 24

Symptoms of bacterial blight in seedling stage is known as--------- KRESEK
Symptoms such as young seedlings getting killed before they emerge through the soil surface is due to------------- PRE-EMERGENCE DAMPING OFF
Synthetic pyrethroids were developed in the year-------- 1973
Tall lanky tillers and aerial adventitious roots are produced by------disease in Rice FOOT ROT
Terminator Seed Technology was developed by-------- Delta & Pine Land Company , USA which was later acquired by Monsanto
Tharparkar is a-----------breed of cattle Dual purpose
The ‘C’ horizon of soil represents--------- PARENT MATERIAL
The ability of seed to germinate is known as----------- viability
The application of the same fertilizer more than once to a crop is known as---------- Split application
The area of land represented by one soil profile is------- PEDON
The arrangement of soil particles into groups or aggregates? SOIL STRUCTURE
The author of the book ‘THE SILENT SPRING’ is? RACHEL CARSON
The Carbon dioxide content in soil air usually increases and the Oxygen content decreases with ----- SOIL DEPTH
The climate of Kerala is particularly referred as---- Humid tropical
The common cover crops recommended for Rubber cultivation are--------? Pueraria phaseoloides & Mucuna bracteata
The composition of soil air may vary with------ ORGANIC MATTER CONTENT
The concentration of both Oxygen and Carbon dioxide are directly related to------- SOIL ORGANIC MATTER
The concept of pH scale was formulated by--------- SORENSON
The concept of Totipotency was originally presented by-------------in 1902 Gottlieb Haberlandt
The country producing largest quantity of vegetables CHINA
The electrically charged layer of the atmosphere-------- IONOSPHERE
The Essential Commodities Act was passed in------------ 1955
The fertile female in a bee colony is known as-------------- The Queen
The GM crop which was recently at the centre of a controversy in India Bt Brinjal
The headquarters of Indian Meteorological Department is located at------ PUNE , MAHARASHTRA
The highest limit in size of soil particles is? 2 MILLIMETER
The hydrogen ion in soil solution produces----- ACIDITY
The inorganic colloid of the soil is referred to as-------- CLAY MINERALS
The Insecticides Rules came into force on---------- 30th of OCTOBER 1971
The largest tea producing state of India? Assam
The Latin word “ Cultura” means----------- To Cultivate
The main features of British gardens are------------ Lawn
The main soil separates are-----,-------&------- SAND,SILT&CLAY
The National Seeds Corporation NSC was constituted in the year
The neutralizing power of a liming material is expressed in Kgs of ------ Calcium Carbonate
The newly proposed seed act of India was introduced in-------- 2004
The next generation of Breeder seed is known as------ FOUNDATION SEED
The Oxygen content of soil air is ------than that in the atmosphere LOWER
The pathogen of a disease can be identified using------------ KOCH’S POSTULATES
The percentage volume composition of organic matter in a typical soil is ------ 5%
The period of validity of the Insecticide dealer’s license is--------- 2 YEARS
The persistence of insecticidal residues in the food chain is called------ BIO-MAGNIFICATION
The pH of mineral soils tends to ----during summer DECLINE
The plant disease symptom of dying backward from the tip of foliage is called------------- DIEBACK
The production of plants from minute plant parts in an artificial medium is called--- Micropropagation
The ratio of reflected radiation to incident radiation------- ALBEDO
The relative proportions of various soil separates in a soil is termed as------- SOIL TEXTURE
The representative soil sample taken for soil testing is referred to as ------ COMPOSITE SOIL SAMPLE
The rice grain is botanically a----------- Caryopsis


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