agri one liner 26

Urea contains-------------% Nitrogen 46
Vermiculite is a secondary mineral containing ------ MAGNESIUM
Viral disease affecting silk worm? Grasserie
Volvariella volvacea is------------- Paddy-straw mushroom
---------was the first ORGANO-PHOSPHORUS insecticide BLADAN
--------was the first systemic fungicide OXATHIIN
Washington & Honey Dew are varieties of------------------ Papaya
Water soaked lesions on basal portion of pseudostem of ginger causing rotting is observed in------------disease SOFT ROT
What does ‘GEAC’ means Genetic Engineering Approval Committee
What is meant by HYV? High Yielding Varieties
What is the chemical used for the cloud seeding? Silver Iodide
What is the name of the first Genetically Modified crop that was given permission to be grown in India? Bt Cotton
What’s Burnt lime? CaO
What’s SH medium? Schenk – Hildebrandt medium
What’s slaked lime? Ca
When other factors are equal , the buffering capacity of a soil is directly proportional to its--- CATION EXCHANGE CAPACITY
When the soil solution has a prominence of H+ ions over OH- ions , the soil is said to be ACIDIC
Where is Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture? Lucknow
Which are the cropping Seasons of paddy in Kerala? Virippu, Mundakan& Puncha
Which is the common field method for determining the class of a soil? FEEL METHOD
Which is the most prominent primary mineral in sandy soil? QUARTZ
Which is the smallest flowering plant? Wolffia
Which is the world’s most widely cultivated cereal crop ? Wheat
Which state ranks first in cotton production in India ? Gujarath
which state ranks first in mango production in India ? Uttar Pradesh
Which variety of Mango is known as ‘the king of Mangoes’? Alphonso
Which variety of Mango is known as ‘the queen of Mangoes’? Kesar
Whip grafting & Shield budding are widely practiced in-------------- Apple
Who coined the term ‘HORMONE’? Ernest starling
Who discovered BHC in 1825? MICHAEL FARADAY
Who is regarded as the father of modern pedology? VASILY DOKUCHAEV
Who is regarded as the father of natural farming? Masanobu Fukuoka
Who is the father of ‘Modern Plant Pathology’? Anton de Bary
Who is the father of Extension? Auguste Comte
Who is the father of Pedology? Dokuchaev
Who is the highest producer of Banana in the world? India
Who is the present minister for Agriculture in Kerala? Mullakkara Ratnakaran
Who is the present union minister for Agriculture? Sharad Pawar
Who is the world’s highest producer of vegetable? China
Who was the first recipient of World Food Prize created by Norman Borlaug ? Dr
Wings of----------have long marginal fringes of hairs THRIPS
World Coconut day is observed on-------------? Sep-02
World farmer’s day is observed on---------? Dec-29
World Trade Organisation was formed in the year-------- 1995
World’s biggest seed company? Monsanto
World’s first seed testing laboratory was established in---------in 1869 GERMANY
World’s highest production dairy animal? Holstein Friesian
World’s largest tree? General Sherman tree , a Giant Sequoia