agri one liner 27

The young ones of insects with complete metamorphosis is known as------------- LARVAE
Triple super phosphate contains-----------% Phosphorus 46
variation seen in plants that have been produced by plant tissue culture----- Somoclonal variation
Weather making layer of atmosphere is------- TROPOSPHERE
West Coast Tall is a variety of which plantation crop? Coconut palm
What is " sericulture"? Silkworm rearing
What is " Silviculture" related to ? Forest trees
What is "Apis mellifera"? European honey bee
What is ‘the queen of fruits’? Mangosteen
What is HYVS in reference to agriculture? High Yielding Variety Seeds
What is the contribution of the AGRICULTURE sector in the GDP of the Indian Economy? 17
What is the percentage of Nitrogen in DAP? 18%
What is the rank of India in Livestock population in the world? First
What is" Round Revolution" is related to in agriculture? Potato
What’s ‘SFDA’? Small Farmers Development Agency
Where is All India Coordinated Research Project on Sub-Tropical Fruits? Lucknow
Where is All India Coordinated Research Project on Tropical Fruits? Bangalore
Where is Indian Institute of Horticultural Research? Bangalore
Where is National Research Centre for Banana ? Trichy
Where is National Research Centre for Citrus ? Nagpur
Where is National Research Centre for Grapes ? Pune
Where is National Research Centre for Litchi ? Muzaffarpur
Which country stands first in milk production in world? India
Which crop is affected by Karnal Bunt? Wheat
Which organism is used for vermicomposting? Earthworm
-------% of moisture is ideal for certified seeds of Rice 13%
---------& ----------------are gastropod pests of Orchid & Anthurium Slugs & Snails
--------&-------are cucurbits used for treatment of Diabetis BITTERGOURD & COCCINIA
---&---are important soil types of upland hill and forest soils
---------&-----------are main components of cattle feed stuffs Concentrates & Roughages
------&------are nematode species attacking Rice Rice Root Nematode & Rice Cyst Nematode
-------&-------are structures used to harden plants in a agricultural nursery Greenhouses & Mist chambers
-------&--------are the Indian states having maximum usage of herbicides PUNJAB & HARYANA
--------&-------are the major vegetable crops of the world POTATO & ONION
------&------are the most common Gastropod pests SLUGS & SNAILS
--------&--------are the spice districts of Kerala Idukki & Wayanad
-----&-----are the vectors of yellow vein mosaic disease of Okra White fly & Leaf hopper
-------&--------are two mechanisms that control the exchange of gases between the soil and the atmosphere MASS FLOW & DIFFUSION
-------&-------are varieties of Chillies released by Kerala Agriculture University JWALAMUKHI & JWALASAKHI
-----,-----&-----are bacterial wilt resistant varieties of Chilli Manjari , Ujwala & Anugraha
------,-------&------are the districts with cool season vegetable cultivation in Kerala IDUKKI ,WYANAD & PALAKKAD
---,---&---districts of Kerala lacks any sort of coastal geographical features Idukki,Wayanad&Palakkad
‘Golden revolution’ is associated with------- Fruits
‘Grey revolution’ is associated with------- Fertilizer production
‘Pink revolution’ is associated with------- Prawns
‘Red revolution’ is associated with------- Meat production
‘Silver revolution’ is associated with------- Egg & poultry
‘White revolution’ is associated with------- Milk & Dairy products
‘Yellow revolution’ is associated with------- Edible oils