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agri one liner 28

’AAY’ means--------------- Antyodaya Anna Yojana
’Abnormal leaf fall’ is a fungal disease of--------- Rubber
’AGMARK’ signifies----------------[Agricultural Produce Grading & Marketing Act]
’Agrostology’ is the study of-------- Fodder grasses
’Alleppey’ is a variety of-------------------- Turmeric
’ALPHONSO’ is a variety of--------- Mango
’Anabaena azollae’ is a---------------- Bio-fertilizer
’Anabaena’ is a---------------- Blue Green Algae
’Ananthan’ is a short duration variety of ----------released from Kerala Agricultural University Mushroom
’Arboriculture’is the study of-------- Growing trees
’ARKA JYOTHI’ is a hybrid variety of -------------- WATERMELON
’Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Research Station’ is located at----------------- Odakkali
’ARUN’ , ‘KANNARA LOCAL’ are varieties of-------------- AMARANTHUS
’Aryan’ & ‘Sabari’ are varieties of------------ Rice
’AZHUKAL’ is a fungal disease affecting-------- Cardamom
’Bacillus thuringiensis’ is effective in control of many pests belong to the -------group LEPIDOPTERAN
’BAIT TRAPPING’ is an example of ------------method of insect pest control MECHANICAL
’Balwanth Rai Mehta Committee’ is associated with---------- Panchayathi Raj
’Banana fruit traps’ are used to control------- Fruit fly in Bittergourd
’Bengal famine’ of 1943 was due to the failure of Rice crop affected by--------- BROWN SPOT disease caused by Helminthosporium oryzae
’BHC’ is now commonly known as--------- ‘HCH’-HEXA CHLORO CYCLO HEXANE
’Bleaching powder application’ is a method to control--------- Bacterial Leaf Blight
’BLISTER BLIGHT’ is a disease of------------------ Tea
’Blue revolution’ is related to-------------- Fish production
’Bragg’ is a variety of-------------------- Soybean
’BRS-1 & BRS-2 ‘are varieties of------------------- Banana
’BURGUNDY MIXTURE’ is a --------------fungicide COPPER FUNGICIDE
’CADA’ means----------? Command Area Development Authority
’Chambakad Large’ is a variety of--------------- Indian Gooseberry-Nelli
’Chawki stand , Netrika , RKO powder etc…are related terms of------------- Sericulture
’Chowghat Green Dwarf’ is a variety of ------------------ Coconut
’Cockchafer beetle’ is a pest of-------- Coconut
’Cocos nucifera’ is the scientific name of------------------- Coconut
’COPPER ARSENATE’ is otherwise known as---------- PARIS GREEN
’Coreid bug’ is a pest of------- Coconut
’COSMOLURE’ is a pheromone trap used against-------- Banana Pseudostem weevil
’COTTONY CUSHION SCALE’ is a pest of---------- CITRUS
’Cow dung slurry application’ is a method to control--------- Bacterial Leaf Blight
’Cricket Ball’ & ‘Oval’ are varieties of------------------ Sapota
’CRIDA’ means? Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture-Head quarters-Hyderabad
’CROP ROTATION’ is an example of ---------method of insect pest control CULTURAL
’CUSCUTTA’ is otherwise known as--------- DODDER
’CYI’ means-------- Crop Yield Index
’Cymbidium mosaic ‘ is a disease affecting---------------- Orchids
’Dasheri’ is a variety of----------------------- Mango
’DEAD HEART’ & ‘WHITE EAR HEAD’ are symptoms of--------attack RICE STEM BORER
’Delhi’ is a variety of---------------- Crossandra
’DESTROYING ANGEL’ is a------------------- Poisonous Mushroom
’DESTRUCTIVE INSECTS & PESTS ACT OF INDIA’ was introduced in-------- 1914
’Desuckering’ is practiced in--------------cultivation Banana


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