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agri one liner 29

’Dieback disease’ in Rose is caused by----------- Fungus
’Dieback’ in Cashew is caused by------- Fungus
’Disbudding’ is practiced in------------------ Chrysanthemum
’DOWNY MILDEW’ is caused by the fungus-------- Plasmopara
’Draining water from the field’ is an effective control measure against------ Rice case worm
’ELYTRA’ is associated with--------- BEETLE
’ENDOSULFAN’ is a------------insecticide ORGANOSULPHUR
’ETHEPHON’ is a------------------ Plant Growth Regulator
’Excessive tillering’ is a symptom of -------attack in very young seedlings Gall midge
’Explant’ is a term related to----------------- Plant tissue culture
’FAO’headquarters is located at------------------ Rome ,Italy
’Father of the green revolution in India’? Dr
’Flaccidity and yellowing of older leaves’ are symptoms of------- Root wilt
’FMD’ means------------- Foot & Mouth Disease
’FOOT ROT’ of Pepper is caused by------- Phytophthora-fungus
’Formal upright , Cascade & Semi-cascade ‘ are various styles of------------ Bonsai
’FPO’means----------------------- Fruit Products Order-1955
’Gajraj’ is a hybrid variety of--------------- Hybrid Napier Grass
’GALASA’ means? Group Approach to Locally Adopted & Sustainable Agriculture
’Garden city of India’? Bangalore
’GATT’ agreement was came into force in------ 1948
’Gerbera’ is------------- Cut flower
’Glycine max’ is-------- Soybean
’GM’ seeds means---------- Genetically Modified seeds
’GMO’ means? Genetically Modified Organism
’Golden Rice’ is rich in------------------- Vitamin A
’GOOTEE’ is another name of------------- Air layering
’Granary of India’? Punjab
’Granary of Kerala’? Palakkad
’Gros Michel’ is a variety of------------------ Banana
’GROWING RESISTANT VARIETIES’ is an example of -------------method of insect pest control CULTURAL
’HALTERES’ is associated with--------- FLIES
’HDP’ in cashew plantations means------------- High Density Planting
’HEMELYTRA’ is associated with-------- BUGS
’Himani’ is a variety of------------------- Cauliflower
’HOPPER BURN’ is the symptom of attack of------------ BROWN PLANT HOPPER
’Husk burial for moisture conservation’ is practiced in---------------- Coconut
’HYBRID TEA’ is a variety of------------- Rose
’HYVP’ means? High Yielding Varieties Programme of 1970-71
’IADP’ means? Integrated Area Development Programme
’Icthyology’ is the study of-------------------- Fishes
’IFAD’ means? International Fund for Agricultural Development
’IFAD’headquarters is located at------------------ Rome ,Italy
’India’s Bread Basket’? Punjab
’Indu’ is a variety of--------------- Ash Gourd


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