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agri one liner 4

’Mudicode’ is a variety of------------------- Oriental pickling melon
’Mulgoa’ is variety of--------------------- Mango
’Muttom Varikka’ & Srilanka/Singapore are varieties of------------------ Jack
’NABARD’ means--------- National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development
’NAFED’ means------- National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation
’Namakkal’ is a place in Tamil Nadu famous for------------- Egg production
’Narayakodi’ & ‘Kumbhakodi’ are varieties of--------------- Pepper
’Nek Chand’s Rock Garden’ is located at----------------- Chandigarh
’Nidhi’ & ‘Sreedhara’ are varieties of--------------- Coleus
’Nilokheri project ‘ is associated with--------- S
’NJALLANI’ is a variety of------------------ CARDAMOM
’NREGP’ means--------- National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme
’NRY’ means-------- Nehru Rozgar Yojana
’NUVAN’ is the trade name of----------- DDVP
’Olericulture’ is the study of-------- Vegetables
’OOTY-1’ is a variety of----------------------- Garlic
’OOZE TEST’ can be used to detect------------ Bacterial Leaf Blight
’Operation Flood’ is a term related to---------------- Dairy development
’Ornithology’ is the study of------------------ Birds
’OROBANCHE’ is otherwise known as--------- BROWN RAPE
’Oryza sativa’ is the scientific name of------------------- Rice
’OXATHIIN’ was developed jointly by--------&------- VON-SCHMELING & MARSHAL KULKA
’P1’&’P14’ are isolates of------------developed by Kerala Agricultural University Fluorescent pseudomonas
’PACS’ means----------- Primary Agricultural Co-operative Credit Societies
’Pale yellow triangular patches seen below the perianth region of 2-3 month old buttons’ is a major symptom of------------ Coconut Eriophyid mite attack
’PANAMA’ disease affects-------------- BANANA
’Panchagavyam’ is associated with------------------------ Biodynamic farming
’Pattambi local’is a variety of----------------- Horse gram
’Pebrine’ is a disease caused by Protozoa affecting---------- Silkworm
’Philippines’ is a variety of------------------ Green gram
’Phycology’ is the study of---------------------- Algae
’PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE’ is a mandatory document in proceedings of----------- LEGAL CONTROL
’PINK BOLL WORM’ is a pest of------------ COTTON
’PINK DISEASE’of Rubber is caused by-------- Fungus
’Pollarding’ is--------------------- A technique of pruning trees
’POLLARDING’ is a term associated with---------- Tea cultivation
’Pollu Beetle’ attacks------ Pepper berries
’Pollu disease’ in Pepper is caused by--------- Fungus
’Pomology’ is the study of--------- Fruits
’Pramuttan’ is a variety of------------------ Betel Vine
’PREETHI’ is variety of----------- BITTERGOURD
’PROBOSCIS’ is associated with------------ MOTHS AND BUTTERFLIES
’PUDDLING’ is a term related with------------- Wetland Rice cultivation
’Pulsing’ is performed to increase the post harvest life of---------- Cut flowers
’PUSA JWALA’ & ‘PUSA SADABAHAR are varieties of------------ CHILLIES
’Pusa Kesar’ is a variety of--------------- Carrot
’PUSA PURPLE CLUSTER’ is a bacterial wilt resistant variety of--------- BRINJAL
’PUSA RUBY’ is a variety of--------- TOMATO
’Pusa Ruby’ is a variety of---------------- Tomato


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