agri one liner 5

’Pusa seethal’is a variety of-------------- Cucumber
’PUSA SUMMER PROLIFIC LONG’ is a variety of----------- BOTTLEGOURD
’QUARANTINE LAWS’ comes under------------- LEGAL CONTROL
’RAGI’ is otherwise known as----------- FINGER MILLET
’Ranikhet’ disease of poultry is also known as---------------- Newcastle disease
’RATOL’ is a ---------------------- Rodenticide
’RED ROT’ is disease affecting---------------- SUGARCANE
’RED RUST OF TEA’ is caused by---------------- ALGAE
’RED SPIDER MITE’ is a pest of---------------- TAPIOCA
’Rice bowl of Kerala’? Kuttanad
’Rice Granary of India’? Andhra Pradesh
’Rubber Reseach Institute of India’ is lacated in---------------- Kottayam , Kerala
’Runner shoots’ are used for propagation in------------------ Pepper
’RUST’ disease in---------severely affects its productivity COFFEE
’SA-1’ is a variety of----------------- Red gram
’San Ramon’ is a variety of------------------ Coconut
’Sapna’ is a variety of---------------- Gladiolus
’SARIKA’ , ‘MALIKA’ , & ‘VAIJAYANTHI’ are varieties of------------- COW PEA
’SAS-1 & Samridhi ‘ are varieties of------------ Arecanut
’Sea customs act’ of 1878 was introduced to prevent the entry of------------- COTTON BOLL WEEVIL
’September & Pusa Drum Head’ are varieties of------------- Cabbage
’SEPTEMBER’ is a variety of----------------- Cabbage
’Sevagram Rural Development Programme’ is associated with------------ Mahatma Gandhi
’SEVIN’ is the trade name of--------- CARBARYL
’Side veneer grafting’is practiced in------------ Mango
’Silent Valley National Park’ is located at-------------------district of Kerala Palakkad
’Silver revolution’ is associated with------------- Egg production
’SILVER SHOOT’ is a prominent symptom of --------attack in Rice GALL MIDGE
’Small cylindrical cases hanging on leaves’ is a symptom of------attack Rice case worm
’Soft rot’ is a fungal disease of--------- GINGER
’SPINDLE BUG’ is a major pest of------ Arecanut
’Spindle shaped leaf spots with grey centre and brown margin’ are symptoms of------ Rice Blast
’Splice’ & ‘Tongue’ are methods of----------------- Approach grafting
’Sree padma’ is a variety of------------------ Amorphophallus
’Sree Subhra’ is a variety of------------------ White yam
’SRI’ means------------- System of Rice Intensification
’SRI’method in Rice is also known as----------- Madagascar method
’Sriniketan experiment ‘ is associated with--------- Rabindranath Tagore
’Star of India’ is a variety of----------- French Marigold
’Stem bleeding’ in Coconut is caused by-------- Fungus
’STRIGA’ is otherwise known as--------- WITCH WEED
’STYLET’ is associated with---------- NEMATODES
’SUGAR BABY’ is a high yielding variety of----------- WATERMELON
’Sun heat treatment’ is an example of -----------method of insect pest control PHYSICAL
’SWEATING’ is practiced as part of processing of-------------- Vanilla beans
’SWOLLEN SHOOT’ is a virus disease affecting------------crop COCOA
’T’ budding is otherwise known as---------------- Shield budding
’Tea Mosquito bug’ is a major pest of------- Cashew
’Tenera’ is a hybrid between---------&------------ Dura & Pisifera
’Tenera’ is a hybrid variety of------------------ Oil palm