agri one liner 6

’The One Straw Revolution’ is a book on natural farming by--------- Masanobu Fukuoka
’THENA’ is otherwise known as------- ITALIAN MILLET
’THIODAN” is the trade name of -------- ENDOSULFAN
’Thiram’ , an organo-sulphur fungicide was developed by------&------ TISDALE & WILLIAMS
’Thomson seedless’ is a variety of------------ Grapes
’THURICIDE’ is insecticidal formulation developed from-------- Bacillus thuringiensis
’Tikka leaf spot’ is a disease affecting--------------------- Groundnut
’Tipping , Centering & Plucking’ are terms associated with----------- Tea cultivation
’Top shoot borer’ is a pest of----------------- Pepper
’TOT’ means? Transfer of Technology
’Triangular cuts on fronds’ is a symptom of -----attack in Coconut Rhinoceros beetle
’TRISTEZA’ is a virus disease affecting-----------crop CITRUS
’TRYSEM’ means--------- Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment
’UPASI-2’ is a variety of------------------ Tea
’Vascular streak dieback VSD’ is a disease affecting---------
’Vetiver’ is a------------------------- Perennial grass
’VETIVER’is commonly known as------------------------ KHUS plant
’VFPCK’ means-------------- Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Kerala
’Vigova’ & ‘Khaki Campbell’ are breeds of ------------- Duck
’Vincristin’which is useful in treatment of Blood Cancer is extracted from-------- Savam Nari- Catheranthus roseus
’VISWAM’ is a variety of---------------- Thippali
’VRIKSHAYURVEDA’ was written by---------- SURPALA
’Wax Moth’ is a pest of----------------- Honeybee
’White revolution ‘ refers to self sufficiency in producing--------------- Milk
’WHITE TIP DISEASE’ in Rice is caused by------------------ WHITE TIP NEMATODE
’Wiring , Clamping & Leaf trimming ‘ are some techniques of------------ Bonsai
’WORLD COCONUT DAY’ is observed on------------ SEPTEMBER 2nd
’World Earth Day’ is observed on---------------- Apr-22
’WORLD FOOD DAY’ is observed on------------- OCTOBER 16th
’Wydate’is a----------------------- Molluscicide
’Xanthopimpla sp’ is a------------ Larval parasite
’YELLOW REVOLUTION’ is associated with------------ OIL SEEDS
’Yellow vein mosaic’ is a common disease in------- Okra
’Zeatin’ is a------------- Cytokinin
2,4-D controls only--------------- BROAD LEAVED WEEDS
A chemical used to test the viability of seeds? 2,3,5 triphenyl tetrazolium chloride
A crop that can be successfully cultivated in Acid-saline soil? Paddy
A cucurbit used in confectionary? ASHGOURD
A cucurbit used in confectionary? Ash Gourd
A disease that results in the collapse and death of seedlings before or after they emerge from the soil is known as--------- DAMPING OFF
A drought tolerant vegetable? Chekkurmanis
A fungal disease of mushroom? Soft mildew
A good quality Coconut seedling should have a collar girth of------------- 10-12cm
A low Percentage Base Saturation PBS in soil means----
A medicinal Variety of Rice? Njavara
A multi seeded fruit? Tomato
A pest causing less than 5% crop loss is termed as-------------- NEGLIGIBLE PEST