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agri one liner 7

A plant hormone in gaseous state? Ethylene
A primary mineral containing Potassium? FELDSPAR
A seed is composed of------,-------&--------- Embryo , Endosperm & Seed coat
A seedless variety hybrid of Mango? Sindhu
A seedless variety of Pomegranate? Ganesh
A shade loving leafy vegetable WATER LEAF
A technique to rejuvenate unproductive and senile cashew trees? Top working
A working soil sample weighs------------ 500 gm
A young cucumber suitable for pickling? Gherkin
Ability of a plant cell to grow & develop to a complete plant is called------ Totipotency
Abnormal leaf fall of Rubber normally occurs in------period South-West monsoon
Acalypha , Hibiscus , Ixora are------------------ Ornamental shrubs
Acaricides are those pesticides which can kill-------- Mites
Acid-saline soils have a pH range of 3 to 5
Actual quantity of water held by a certain quantity of air is called--------- ABSOLUTE HUMIDITY
Adiantum & Nephrolepis are----------------- Ferns
Aerobic organisms require gaseous-------for their activity OXYGEN
African payal is biologically controlled using-------------- Cyrtobagous Spp
Agro-meteorological observations are made twice daily at------- 7 & 14 hrs
Air layering was first practiced in------------- China
Air temperature , humidity , pressure , wind speed & direction in the upper atmosphere is measured by------- RADIOSONDE
Airlayering is also known as---------- Gooteing
Albizzia is a----------------- Ornamental shade tree
Alkaline soils have more-----ions & less------ions OH- & H+
All India Soil and Land Use Survey Head Quarters is located at----------- Ranchi , Jharkhand
Allahabad Safeda & Lucknow-49 are varieties of----------------- Guava
Amblyscius mite is used for the control of---------- COCONUT ERIOPHYID MITE
American Agricultural Scientist who won Nobel Peace Prize in 1970? Norman E
An agro-machinery used for sowing operations? SEED DRILL
An official document that indicates that plant material has been inspected by competent authority and found to be free of certain pathogens is termed as--------- PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE
An organism capable of causing disease? PATHOGEN
An organism that lives at the expenseof another organism host which it does not usually kill is known as-------------
Anaerobic decay of organic matter produces------&------- CARBON DIOXIDE , ORGANIC ACIDS
Anakkayam-1,Madakkathara-1,Kanaka,Dhana are varieties of---------- Cashew
Angular distance measured from equator is called------ LATITUDE
Anjitha & Manjima are varieties of--------------- Okra
Anthrax in cattle is caused by----------------- Bacteria
Any change in form , structure & appearance of an animal between birth and maturity is referred to as-------------- METAMORPHOSIS
Any organism detrimental to man or his property in causing damage of significant economic importance is called------------- A PEST
Any plant in the wrong place is termed---------- WEED
Aparajitha & Chandrama are varieties of------------------ Chrysanthemum
Apis cerana indica is commonly known as--------------------- Indian Honeybee
Apis mellifera is known as-------------- European honeybee or Italian honeybee
Application of Bordeaux paste is recommended to control------- Bud rot in Coconut
Approach grafting is also known as--------- Inarching
Arabica & Robusta are varieties of---------------- Coffee
-------are apertures to breakup the liquid into fine droplets NOZZLES
---------------are nocturnal Lepidopterans MOTHS
--------are plants which require very low moisture/RAINFALL XEROPHYTES


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