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agri one liner 9

Bush pepper is raised from---------------of pepper Lateral branches-plagiotropes
Cabbage’s economic part is------------ Green leaves
Calcium , Magnesium & Sulphur are called ---------- Secondary macronutrients
------------can be grown as an intercrop in coconut gardens Congosignal GRASS
------------can be utilized to produce virus free plants Meristem culture
Cardamom is propagated vegetatively by--------------------- Rhizomes
Cassava mosaic disease is transmitted by------- White fly
Caterpillars possess ------------type of mouth parts BITING & CHEWING
Cation Exchange Capacity CEC is a physical property exhibited by ----
Cattle Feed produced from anaerobic fermentation? SILAGE
Cauliflower’s economic part ‘head’ is essentially a------------ Flower
-------------causes inhibition of ROOT growth Auxin
CCRP-1 is an improved clone of-------------- Forastero variety of Cocoa
--------cells have the ability to divide throughout the life of a plant Meristematic cells
Central Coir Research Institute is located at-------------- Kalavoor , Alappuzha
Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute CMFRI is located at----------
Central Plantation Crops Research Institute CPCRI is located at--------------------
Central Potato Research Institute is located in------------ KUFRI , SHIMLA
Central Rice Research Institute is located at-------------- Cuttack , Orissa
Central Tuber Crops Research Institute CTCRI is located at---------------
Centre for Sustainable Agriculture is located at------------ Secunderabad , Andhra Pradesh
Centre of origin of Brinjal? INDIA
Centre of origin of Cucumber? INDIA
Centre of origin of Sugarcane? India
Certified seed can be produced from------- Registered seed or Foundation seed
Chairman of NABARD? Umesh Chandra Sarangi
Chairperson of National Dairy Development Board NDDB?
Change of floral organs to leaf like structures is known as----------- PHYLLODY
Cheshunt compound contains----------&--------- COPPER SULPHATE & AMMONIUM CARBONATE
Cheshunt compound is mainly used for----------- SOIL DRENCHING
Chip budding is practiced in------------- Grapes
Chlorophyll contains--------------------- Magnesium
Clay particles have a size of ------------in diameter LESS THAN 0
Clay soils contains at least -----% by weight of clay separates 35%
------clouds are associated with rainfalls NIMBUS
Coastal length of Kerala is around----------km 580km
Coconut is a------------------crop Cross pollinated
Coconut water is rich in -------------- Cytokinins
Coffee leaf rust disease is caused by--------------- Fungus
--------colour indicates extremely toxic poisons Bright Red
--------colour indicates highly toxic poisons Bright YELLOW
--------colour indicates moderately toxic poisons Bright Blue
--------colour indicates slightly toxic poisons Bright GREEN
Colour of red loam soils is due to the presence of------- HAEMATITE
Commercial formulation of ‘Nereistoxin’? PADAN
Commercially cultivated cultivar of Oil Palm is--------- Tenera
Common causing agent of Damping-off? Pythium
Concentration of Bordeaux mixture is-------- 1%
Contribution of South-West monsoon to the total annual rainfall of Kerala 60%


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