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------- is the most commonly used medium in plant tissue culture experiments Murashige & Skoog medium
----- is the process of rooting stem or branches before it is detached from the mother plant Layering
----------- is the process of subjecting seeds to both cold and moist conditions to promote germination Stratification
--------- is the second most expensive spice after saffron Vanilla
-----------is the structure where plants can be hardened for rooting and acclimatization Greenhouse
--------- is the world's leading exporter of Roses Netherlands
Jeeva is a variety of------------------ Adapathiyan
LOW VOLUME sprayers requires------------of spray fluid per hectare 50 TO 200 LITRES
Medium range weather forecasting is applicable for------- 3-10 DAYS
Milli- Watersheds has an area of-------------------- 1000 to 10,000 HECTARE
Minimum genetic purity required for Certified seeds is -------- 98%
Minimum TSS % required in Syrup? 65%
Neutralizing power of hydrated lime is? 136
Neutralizing value of Calcium carbonate is----------- 100
Neutralizing value of Dolomite is----------- 109
Neutralizing value of Slaked lime is----------- 136
North-East monsoon contributes-------% of total annual rainfall of Kerala 30%
------------plants produce seeds that germinate before they detach from the parent Viviparous plants
Propagation through corms is observed in-------------- Gladiolus
Propagation through mound layering is observed in-------------- Papaya
Propagation through root cuttings is noticed in-------------- Bread fruit
Propagation through stem tubers is observed in-------------- Potato
Rajphos contains-----------% Phosphorus 18-20
Reserpine is isolated from the roots of ------------ Rauwolfia
science , production and study of grapes ? VITICULTURE
Short range weather forecasting is applicable for------- MORE THAN 10 DAYS
Silty soils contain at least -------% of silt separates 80%
------------- stages are destructive to crops in case of Thrips ADULTS & NYMPHS
Stone grafting is otherwise known as------------- Epicotyl grafting
The act of identifying and removing undesired plants from agricultural fields is known as------- Roguing
The crops which the farmers grow for earning money and trade are called… cash crops
The highest Banana producing state of India is------------ Tamilnadu
The highest Brinjal producing state of India is------------ West Bengal
The highest Cabbage producing state of India is------------ West Bengal
The highest cereals producing state of India is------------ Maharashtra
The highest grapes producing state of India is------------ Maharashtra
The highest Guava producing state of India is------------ Bihar
The highest Natural Rubber producing state of India is------------ Kerala
The highest Potato producing state of India is------------ Uttar Pradesh
The highest pulses & Soybean producing state of India is---------- Madhya Pradesh
The highest rice producing State of India is---------------------- West Bengal
The highest Tomato producing state of India is------------ Andhra Pradesh
The Insecticide act was passed in Parliament in------------ 1968
The North-East monsoon period in Kerala is from-------to-------- OCTOBER TO NOVEMBER
The portion of the plant embryo giving rise to the first true leaves is known as-------- Plumule
The tag colour or label of a Certified seed is------- BLUE
The tag colour or label of a Foundation seed is------- WHITE
The tag colour or label of a Registered seed is------- PURPLE


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