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’International Day of Biodiversity ’ is observed on---------------- May-22
’Irish Famine’ was due to----------- LATE BLIGHT OF POTATO caused by Phytophthora infestans
’IRMA’ is licated at---------------- Anand, Gujarath
’Jaffrabadi’ is a breed of------------------- Buffalo
’Jai Jawan Jai Kisan ‘ was a slogan given by------------- Lal Bahadur Shastri
’Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Jai Vigyan ‘ was a slogan given by------------- Atal Bihari Vajpayee
’John F Kennedy’ is a variety of------------- Rose
’K2’ is a variety of---------------------- Mulberry
’K-2’ is a variety of-------------------------- Mulberry
’Kacholam’ is propagated through-------------- Rhizomes
’Kamini’ is a variety of----------- China Aster
’Karthika’ is a variety of--------developed by RRS , Moncompu Rice
’Katte’ disease of Cardamom is transmitted by------- Banana aphid
’KATTE’ is a virus disease affecting--------- Cardamom
’KAUMUDI’ is a variety of ------------- SNAKEGOURD
’Keikis’ are propagating plantlets of------------------ Sympodial orchids
’KERALA KARSHAKAN’ is a monthly agriculture publication of------------- FARM INFORMATION BUREAU
’Khuskhus oil’ is extracted from the roots of---------------- Vetiver
’King of Fruits’ is------------------------------ Mango
’KISSAN DAY’ is observed on-------------- DECEMBER 23rd
’KOLE’ land is situated in---------district of Kerala Thrissur
’Kottanadan’ is a variety of-------------- Pepper
’Kufri jyothi’ is a variety of-------------- Potato
’KURSTAKI’ is a------------------ Biopesticide
’LDB’ means---------- Land Development Bank
’LINDANE’ is a purified form of--------- BHC
’Little leaf’ disease of Brinjal is caused by-------- Phytoplasma
’Little leaf’ of Brinjal is caused by------ PHYTOPLASMA
’Longitudinal rolling of tip of leaves into needle like outgrowths’ are symptoms of-------attack Rice Thrips
’Luxury consumption’ is associated with------------ Potassium
’MAHALI’ is a major disease of ------- Arecanut
’MAHYCO’ is a------------------ Seed Company
’Male sterilization technique’ was suggested by----------- E
’Manchurian Golden’ is a breed of----------------------- Japanese Quail
’MANGO BLACK TIP’ is caused by-------------- BORON DEFICIENCY
’Manihot esculenta’ is the scientific name of------------------- Tapioca
’Manupriya’ is a variety of-------------------- Rice
’Marginal leaf gall thrips’ is a pest of-------- Pepper
’Master Delight’ is a variety of-------------------- Orchid
’Mehsana’is a breed of----------------- Buffalo
’Meristem culture’ is a method of------------- Tissue culture
’METACID’ is the trade name of------- METHYL PARATHION
’METEOROLOGICA’ is an ancient book compiled by------ ARISTOTLE
’MFALDA’means-------- Marginal Farmers & Agricultural Labourers Development Agency
’Miniature roses’ are otherwise known as------------- Baby roses
’Mohitnagar’ is a variety of------------- Arecanut
’Mokara’ & ‘Aerides’ are------------------ Orchids
’MOP’ means? Muriate of Potash
’Moth orchids’ belong to--------------group Phalaenopsis


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