agri one liner,25

The slow rate of decay of plant residues in swampy areas is due to lack of ----- OXYGEN
The soil structure usually found in surface soils with high organic matter content? GRANULAR & CRUMB
The soil type seen at or below Mean Sea Level frequently influenced by flooding and resultant water stagnation Kari soil
The South-West monsoon period is from-------to------- JUNE TO AUGUST
The standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is-------- 1013 mb
The state of the atmosphere at any particular time is called--------- THE WEATHER
The state of the atmosphere over a period of time is known as-------- CLIMATE
The study of soil in relation to its nutrients is---------- EDAPHOLOGY
The study of soil in relation to its taxonomy is--------- PEDOLOGY
The study of the interrelationships between a given pathogen, its host & environment is called----------------- PLANT DISEASE EPIDEMIOLOGY
The tag colour or label of a Breeder seed is------- YELLOW
The term ‘Agriculture’ was derived from Two Latin words -----and --------- Ager & Cultura
The term ‘MONSOON’ was derived from the Arabic word-------- MAUSAM meaning season
The time gap to be observed between the application of a pesticide and harvesting of the produce for consumption is referred to as----------- WAITING PERIOD
The Total Soluble Salts TSS of soil is estimated by using the instrument-----
The vertical section of a soil from surface to the bedrock is called-------- SOIL PROFILE
The visible part of light which is least important in photosynthesis is------- GREEN LIGHT
The year 2004 was declared as international year of------------- by the United Nations RICE
The year 2008 was declared as international year of the------------- by the United Nations Potato
The year 2010 is declared as international year of------------- by the United Nations Biodiversity
The young ones of insects with incomplete metamorphosis is known as------------- NYMPHS
Thermometer was invented by------- GALILEO GALILEI
Third crop of Rice in Kerala is known as-------- Puncha
Three main types of rocks are------,-------- &-------- IGNEOUS , SEDIMENTARY & METAMORPHIC
Three or more crops raised in the same piece of land in one year in quick succession is known as------------------ Relay cropping
Thrips belong to the order------------------- THYSANOPTERA
Thrips possess-----------type of mouth parts RASPING & SUCKING
Tissue culture is a ----------------method of propagation Vegatative
To prepare 1 litre of Bordeaux mixture , how much quantity of copper sulphate is required? 10 gram
Top leaf just below the panicle of rice plant is called------- Flag leaf
Transparent polythene sheets of -------thickness is used for soil solarization 100-150 gauge
Tropical crops prefers a temperature range of----------- 30 ◦C to 38 ◦C
True to type plants are produced through--------propagation Vegetative
Two seed testing lab in Kerala are lacated at-----&------- Pattambi & Alappuzha
----------type of insecticides are generally used in the control of BUGS CONTACT
-------------type of poisons are effective in control of Lepidopteran pests STOMACH
---------type of poisons are effective in controlling BEETLES STOMACH
--------type of soils are developed from recent marine deposits COASTAL ALUVIUM
------type of soils are found in the southern parts of Thiruvananthapuram district Red LOAM
-------type of soils are seen in valley bottoms as result of sedimentation deposits Brown HYDROMORPHIC
-------type of soils covers about 65% of total area of Kerala LATERITE
ULV sprayers requires------------of spray fluid per hectare LESS THAN 5 LITRE
Unconsolidated material overlying bedrock is known as--------- REGOLITH
Under normal conditions carbon in well aerated soils is converted to -----and in poorly aerated water logged conditions converted to------- CARBON DIOXIDE , METHANE
Unit of reproduction of flowering plant? Seed
United Nation’s Climate Summit was held on December 2009 at------------ Coppenhagen , Denmark
UPASI Tea Research Foundation is located at--------------- Coonoor
Upland crop of Rice is otherwise known as----------- MODAN cultivation
Upper limit of atmosphere is-------- 750 miles