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agri one liners 17

-------is the minimum germination percentage required for certified seeds of AMARANTHUS 70%
------------is the mode of Vegetative reproduction in RUBBER budding
------------is the most common GRASS utilized for lawn making in INDIA Cyanodon dactylon- Doob grass
-----------is the most effective way of propagation in RUBBER budding
-----------is the most expensive & essential component of a sprayer PUMP
-----------is the most expensive mushroom Shitake mushroom
------is the most important form of precipitation on earth RAINFALL
-------------is the most profitable intercrop in cashew plantations in early stages Pineapple
-------is the most serious form of water erosion GULLY erosion
------------is the most widely cultivated crop of Kerala coconut
-------------is the most widely cultivated PULSE crop of Kerala Cowpea
-----------------is the mushroom seed Spawn
-------is the nearest layer of atmosphere to earth TROPOSPHERE
--------------is the NPK recommendation for coconut under average management 0:00:00
------------is the oldest method of controlling RODENTS Trapping
----------is the optimum moisture percentage for storage of seeds of AMARANTHUS 8%
--------is the progeny of breeder seed FOUNDATION seed
--------------is the richest source of vitamin C West Indian Cherry
------------is the soil type having maximum fertility Alluvial soil
--------is the soil type most suited for Rice cultivation Alluvial soil
--------is the soil type most suited for RUBBER cultivation Laterite soil
--------is the study of field crops Agronomy
---------is the study of plant diseases plant PATHOLOGY
------------is the study of trees Dendrology
-------is the term used for MICRO climate in relation to plants PHYTO climate
--------is the TOP most layer of earth that comes in CONTACT with atmosphere CRUST
----------is the Vegetative propagation method adopted in Blackberry & Raspberry Layering
---------------is used as food base for Trichoderma Spp Neemcake-Cowdung mixture
---------------is used for irrigating the seed bed Rosecan
------------is used for ripening the fruit artificially CALCIUM carbide
------------is used for seed treatment in PADDY pseudomonas
----------------is used in Coirpith composting Pleurotus Spp
-----------is useful in Cryopreservation liquid Nitrogen
---------is useful in increasing the post harvest life of cut flowers Cytokinin
Lalbagh gardens is located in------------- Bangalore ,Karnataka
Largest Cashew nut producing district of Kerala? Kannoor
Largest Flower in the world? Rafflesia arnoldii
Largest producing cereal crop of the world? Maize
Largest Rice producing state of Kerala? Palakkad
Larval stage of Lepidopteran pests are known as-------------- CATERPILLARS
Late blight of potato is caused by----------- Phytophthora infestans
Leaf curl disease in Sesamum is caused by-------- Virus
Leaf eating caterpillar of Coconut is otherwise known as------- Black headed caterpillar
Leaf rot in Coconut is caused by-------- Fungus
Leaf spot disease in Okra is caused by------ Fungus
Leaves of Pepper vine become abnormally narrow and sickle like due to---------caused by Phytoplasma LITTLE LEAF
Legislative control of the transport of plants or plant parts to prevent the spread of pests or pathogens is known as------------ QUARANTINE
Lepidopteran pests have------------no Sucking mouth parts adults of Moths & Butterflies are known as------------- PROBOSCIS
Light traps are examples of ------------method of insect pest control MECHANICAL
Lima White & Agnihotri are varieties of------------------ Anthurium


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