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Important nutrient deficiency symptoms

  • ·       Whip tail in cauliflower
  • ·       Browning in cauliflower
  • ·       Downward cupping in radish
  • ·       Scald of leaves
  • ·       Yellow spot in citrus

  • ·       Drying black tips of shoots

  • ·       Grey speck of oats
  • ·       Speckled yellows of sugar beet
  • ·       Marsh spots of peas : Manganese deficiency
  • ·       Pahala blight of sugarcane
  • ·       Frenching of Tung trees
  • ·       Interveinal chlorosis in apple and citrus

  • ·       Die back of shoots in citrus
  • ·       Little leaf in citrus
  • ·       Rough bark and cracking in apple
  • ·       Reclamation disease in cereals

  • ·       Browning or hollow stem of cauliflower
  • ·       Heart rot of sugar beet and Marigold
  • ·       Top sickness of tobacco
  • ·       Snake heads in walnuts
  • ·       Internal necrosis in mango
  • ·       Hen and chicken disorder of grape fruit
  • ·       Corking and pitting of fruits in tomatoes
  • ·       Internal necrosis in aonla
  • ·       Brown heart of turnip
  • ·       Fruit cracking of tomato and pomegranate
  • ·       Crown choking in coconut

  • ·       White bud of maize
  • ·       Khaira disease of rice
  • ·       Apple (bitter pit)
  • ·       Leaf bronzing in litchi
  • ·       Little leaf in mango, Little leaf in litchi, Little leaf in cashew
  • ·       Frenching on citrus
  • ·       Leaf scorch in mango
  • ·       Excess of cl ions in water/ or excess of MOP

  • ·       Buttoning in cauliflower 
O2 deficiency & excess of Zn
  • ·       Tip burn of rice

  •       Jonathan spot of apple

·       Black heart of potato


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