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TNPSC AAO Free Mock Test
Tnpsc ao
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Q1 ) The effectiveness of Rock phosphate increases in____________soil.

Q2 ) A compound containing a single primary nutrient is called _____fertilizer

Q3 ) White bud of maize is due to deficiency of

Q4 ) Organic matteR make up about________ % of soil volume

Q5 ) Cation exchange capacity of Kaolinite is

Q6 ) Brown colour of soil is due to

Q7 ) The volume composition of soil which gives optimum condition for crop growth is

Q8 ) The economical part of clove is

Q9 ) Cultivation of trees for the purpose of science, education, recreation and landscaping is known as

Q10 ) Crossondra is commercially propagated through

Q11 ) Which chemical is used to control sprouting in potato during storage?

Q12 ) Which is the most serious pest in Tumip?

Q13 ) Mango variety suitable for high density planting is

Q14 ) Less seeded variety of custard apple is

Q15 ) Fruit type of pomegranate is

Q16 ) Chemical used for seed extraction in Tomato is

Q17 ) Breeding tool utilized for hybrid maiza seed production is

Q18 ) Which seed part forms the shoots of young seedlings?

Q19 ) The term mutation was introduced by

Q20 ) Storage organs of ginger and turmeric are

Q21 ) Which cytoplasm in rice is most widely used as source of male sterility?

Q22 ) Pure line in homogenous population
(A) : Occurs in self pollinated crop
(R) : These are progenies of a single ~ell fertilized individual

Q23 ) Respiratory Quotient for fats is

Q24 ) Development of embryo without embryo sac is called as

Q25 ) Name a new crop developed by crossing Triticum aestivum x secale cereale

Q26 ) Rice blast is characterized with

Q27 ) Consider the following statement and choose the correct combination
I. Sulphur is the oldest fungicide used in plant disease control
II. Sulphur is a contact and protective fungicide effective against powdery mildews and rusts.

Q28 ) Fruit fly pupates in

Q29 ) Which is the most destructive pest of grape vine in India?

Q30 ) Thiamethoxam belongs to which "Group of 'insecticide"

Q31 ) The proportion of habitable space from which insert counts are taken is called as

Q32 ) What are Insects?

Q33 ) Indicate the wrong statement

Q34 ) Dapog method of raising nursery was introduced in India from

Q35 ) The pre-emergence herbicides recommended for ground nut are
1. Alachlor
2. Pendimethalin
3. Diuron
4. Atrazine

Q36 ) The moisture content of the soil attained after the drainage of gravitational water is known as

Q37 ) Calculate the amount of water for scheduling irrigation at 0.5 1 W/CPE ratio with 10 cm of CPE for each irrigation

Q38 ) Calculate the net Irrigation requirement of a maize crop for effective root zone 5 cm B.D. = 2.15 g/cc, FC = 28%, PWP = 11%

Q39 ) The plot of rainfall intensity versus time is called as

Q40 ) Which one of the following is C4 plant?

Q41 ) If the tree crops are planted at a spacing of 2.5 m x 2.0 m the number of trees in a hectare shall be

Q42 ) Which tree crop is suitable for Marshy areas?

Q43 ) Which of the following are the advantages of agro forestry system?
I. Control of soil erosion
II.Soil enrichment through addition and decomposition of litter fall
III.Modifying soil texture

Q44 ) Which implement is used to break the sub-soil hard pan in the cultivated lands?

Q45 ) Growing season in Dry land areas is.

Q46 ) Characters of dry land farming

Q47 ) According to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) (2007) specifications the minimum metabolizable energy requirement for the grower is

Q48 ) Floor space recommended for broiler in Indian broiler farming conditions is

Q49 ) Exotic meat breed of goat

Q50 ) An example for 'Pelt' sheep breed is

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