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Tnpsc Ao free mock test

TNPSC AO Free Mock Test
Tnpsc ao
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  1. The temperature limit for heated air drying for seed is
    1. 65°F
    2. 87°F
    3. 110°F
    4. 168°F

  2. Certification shall be conducted by the certification Agency notified under which of the following section of the Seeds Act, 1966.
    1. Section 9
    2. Section 5
    3. Section 8
    4. Section 19

  3. If 22 acres of area registered by a seed produced for Bajra certified seed production, how many heads to be counted by the seed certification officer· at the time of first field Inspection?
    1. 700 heads
    2. 900 heads
    3. 8000 heads
    4. 9000 heads

  4. Which of the following crop the Seed Multiplication Ratio (SMR) is low?
    1. Paddy
    2. Maize
    3. Bajra
    4. Groundnut

  5. What is the colour of certification tag for certified class seed?
    1. White
    2. Opal Green
    3. Azare Blue
    4. Golden Yellow

  6. Bunchy top of banana disease is transmitted by
    1. Helopeltis antonii
    2. Phymatostetha deschampes
    3. Pentalonia nigronervosa
    4. Stephanitis typicus

  7. The chemical responsible for the production of silver shoot in rice due to the attack by rice gall midge is
    1. Cumanin
    2. Cecidogen
    3. Oryzinone
    4. Phenol

  8. In Insects, if the food resources shared equally by the competing members it is called
    1. Contest competition
    2. Inter competition
    3. Scramble competition
    4. Mutualistic competition

  9. First report of Nematode associated with a plant diseases was observed by
    1. Hiltner
    2. Needham
    3. Mckinney
    4. Mayer

  10. The Pest as grub which completes its life cycle in one year is
    1. Scirpophaga nivella
    2. Acigona steniella
    3. Chilo auricilius
    4. Holotrichia serrata

  11. The following is not a characteristic ofland
    1. Free gift of Nature
    2. Permanent resource
    3. Distinct characteristic features from location to location
    4. Supply is elastic

  12. The slope of Isoquant indicates
    1. Marginal rate of product substitution
    2. Marginal rate of technical substitution
    3. Elasticity of substitution
    4. Elasticity of supply

  13. At Break event point, the profits to the farmer is
    1. Negative
    2. Zero
    3. Positive
    4. Cannot be calculated

  14. Which of the following is/are irrational zone(s) of production
    1. I zone
    2. II zone
    3. III zone
    4. I and III zone

  15. This method of depreciation is suitable for livestock assets
    1. Straight line method
    2. Diminishing balance method
    3. Sum of year digit method
    4. Annual revaluation method

  16. If the price of coffee rises from Rs.45 per 250 gms per pack to Rs. 55 per 250 gram per pack, and as a result the consumer's demand for tea increases from 600 packs to 800 packs of 250 gms, then the cross elasticity of demand of tea for coffee is
    1. 0.7
    2. 1.43
    3. 1.34
    4. 1.5

  17. Allocative efficiency is also called as
    1. Pricing efficiency
    2. Physical efficiency
    3. Technical efficiency
    4. Operational efficiency

  18. The difference between the price paid by the consumer and t he price received by the farmer is
    1. Price spread
    2. Market margin
    3. Wholesale price
    4. Retail price

  19. A market in which the purchase and sale of a commodity takes place at time 't' but the exchange of commodity takes place on some specified date in future i,e time t + 1
    1. Forward market
    2. Spot market
    3. Secular market
    4. National market

  20. Agricultural markets were classified into regulated and unregulated market on the basis of
    1. Basis of stage of marketing
    2. Basis of degree of competition
    3. Basis of nature of transactions
    4. Extent of public intervention

  21. who defined audience segmentation is a communication strategy that consists of identifying certain subaudience within a total audience and then conveying a special message to each of these sub audiences
    1. Klapper
    2. Rogers
    3. Dey
    4. Berlo

  22. S - M- C - R - E model of communication was proposed by
    1. Leagar
    2. Rogers and Shoemaker
    3. Berlo
    4. Shannon - Weaver

  23. Display type of visual aids
    1. Posters - Bulletin Bounds, models - exhibits
    2. Slide - Filmship - Demonstrations
    3. Flash cards-Pullchart- Slide
    4. None of the above

  24. Extension teaching methods according to their use
    1. Written - spoken-visual- spoken and visual
    2. Individual, group and mass contact
    3. Micro computer, E - mail and internet
    4. None of the above

  25. The State having the highest area under fruits
    1. Kerala
    2. Tamil Nadu
    3. Maharashtra
    4. Karnataka

  26. The guidelines for Intellectual property management and commercialization of technologies in the ICAR came into operation with effect from 2nd October,
    1. 1996
    2. 2006
    3. 2016
    4. 2000

  27. In first Five Year Plan, percentage of agriculture and allied sector to total outlay is
    1. 20%
    2. 21%
    3. 24%
    4. 31%

  28. The medium range weather forecasting is valid for
    1. 3 days
    2. 3-10 days
    3. 15 - 20 days
    4. 21- 25 days

  29. Identify ,the correct order of atmospheric layer arrangement from the surface of the earth to the top layer of atmosphere.
    1. Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere
    2. Thermosphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Troposphere
    3. Troposphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere, Thermosphere
    4. Thermosphere,Mesosphere, Stratosphere, Troposphere .

  30. Total number of agro - climatic zones of Tamil Nadu is
    1. 5
    2. 7
    3. 9
    4. 11

  31. The recommended pre emergence herbicide for Maize and Pulse inter crop is
    1. Atrazine@ 0.75 Kg aL / ha
    2. Pendimethalin-@-0. 75 Kg a.L / ha
    3. Butachlor @ 1.0 Kg ai / ha
    4. Quizalofop ethyl@ 0.5 Kg ai / ha

  32. Soil structure classification based on general shapes and arrangement of peds are called
    1. Types of structure
    2. Grades of structure
    3. Classes of structure
    4. None of the above

  33. Soil order characterized by low (< 35%) base saturation and accumulation of clay in sub soil is called as
    1. Aridisols
    2. Spodosols
    3. Mollisols
    4. Ultisols

  34. __________ is an example for ferromagnesian phyllosilicate minerals.
    1. Biotite
    2. Feldspars
    3. Orthoclase
    4. Amphiboles

  35. Which of the following epipedon has high organic matter?
    1. Histic
    2. Natric
    3. Salic
    4. Oxic

  36. The columnar soil structure is observed in __________ soils.
    1. Saline
    2. Sodic
    3. Black
    4. Red

  37. Tiller Production in rice is greatly affected by
    1. Complete drainage
    2. Prolonged stagnation of water
    3. Alternate wetting and drying
    4. Short period submergence

  38. Identify the 1ncorrect/wrong statement about irrigation
    1. Irrigation is to provide crop insurance against short duration droughts
    2. Irrigation is to cool the soil and atmosphere
    3. Irrigation is to keep the soil wet
    4. Irrigation is to wash out/dilute salts in soils

  39. Intermittent "on" and "off' system is followed in __________ irrigation system.
    1. Level border
    2. Border strip
    3. Surge
    4. Basin

  40. The plant sample for tissue analysis to diagonose nutrient deficiency should consider
    1. Physiological age of crops
    2. Chronological age of crops
    3. Stage of crop maturity
    4. All the above

  41. Which of the following BGA is not widely distributed in rice growing tracts of India
    1. Anabaena
    2. Nostac
    3. Calothrix
    4. Tolypothrix

  42. Under the provisions of UPOV 1991 Act, a plant variety must s atisfy the criteria viz. ,novelty, distinction, uniformity and
    1. Purity
    2. Heterozygosity
    3. Homozygosity
    4. Stability

  43. Conservation of germplasm in its natural habitate or in the area where it grows naturally is known as
    1. in-situ conservation
    2. cryopreservation
    3. conservation in gene bank
    4. ex-situ conservation

  44. NBPGR has substation at ________to represent arid zone.
    1. Akola
    2. Kota
    3. Jodhpur
    4. Jaipur

  45. Which one of the following chemical is used for creating high osmoticum forprolonged storage of culture?
    1. Paclobutrazole
    2. Chlormequat
    3. Sorbitol
    4. Naphthalene acetic acid

  46. Which one of the following is not a property of a good host for gene cloning?
    1. lack active restriction enzyme
    2. have methylase
    3. easy to transform
    4. support the replication of recombinant DNA

  47. A collection of plasmid clone containing recombinant DNA molecules so that the sum total of DNA insert represent the entire· gene of the concerned organism is called
    1. cDNA clone
    2. Genomic library
    3. Gene Bank
    4. cDNA library

  48. The chairman of the state variety release committee
    1. Director of state seed corporation
    2. Director of Agriculture of the state
    3. Director of seed certification
    4. Additional Director of agriculture

  49. Seed village concept facilitates the empowerment of Agriculture farmers
    1. To make High Profit through export
    2. To meet the requirement of quantity of quality seed
    3. To facilitate to become sew company
    4. To supply for Government demand

  50. Acid dehnting is recommended for fuzzy cotton seed at the rate of
    1. 10 ml con.sulphuric acid/kg of seeds
    2. 100 ml con. sulphuric acid/kg of seeds
    3. 50 ml con.sulphuric acid/kg of seeds
    4. 25 ml con. sulphuric acid/kg of seeds

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